Sunday, November 4, 2007



Finally I have a few moments to catch up on a few things…First the weather - WOW finally some fall like weather has finally hit the sunshine state. I am loving it! I can actually breathe in some fresh air without choking. It has been wonderful the last few days…I have actually been sitting outside just soaking it all in!

Hurricane Noel skirted our coast but THANK GOD for the low front that was coming in the opposite direction and forced Noel to go away..unfortunately the east coast beaches took a beating with high surfs and more beach erosion has occurred, but at least NO HURRICANES…it has been the most mildest season I have ever seen in the 20 or so years I have lived here. (knock on wood)

I have really been doing some major blog hopping and researching on creating. Almost seems you would not have to research it but you do…to find things that inspire you. I think that is what spoiled things for me…lack of inspiration…I wanted to see what inspires others to create…see what they create..what they use..the thought process…I could go on and on..but I don’t want to bore anyone..suffice it to say…I have found things to inspire me..words, pictures, art, materials…things that once again..make me want to create. So I have been working on my art blog quite a bit…researching places to sell art at, “getting the word out” sort of speak. It really has been a labor of love for me. My head has not been so obsessed with depression and feeling trapped inside myself (now my battle with severe depression has been an on going thing for several years due to finding out just how sick I am). Being depressed took away my joy…but creating is bringing it back..all this research is bringing it back, thinking of new ways to be creative is bringing it back, meeting new people in the “art” community is bringing it back…..sharing my art with other people (actually letting others seeing it) is bringing it back. Just playing with supplies, throwing things together is bringing it back. I guess you get the point. You would think (if you have never suffered from depression) that it would be so easy to find things that give you joy likeyour significant other, your kids, your job, your fur babies, your possessions…but it does not. It does not mean that you love your family any less or that they are not important in your life…it is just that the joy disappears from your thought process from deep within your heart it is almost impossible to make yourself feel it or experience it. Strange I am sure, to most people but not to me! I am far from being “cured” or out of that depressive state…but I can feel that joy slowly warm my heart, I can see the light in my head in that very dark tunnel in a far off distance. It feels good! So that is why feeling creative is so important to me. I have uploaded some pics of some of my work and such so please feel free to go check it out for yourself: FINDING MYSELF.

So now you know what I have been doing…now on with other news...the daughter,Crystalyn - finally the first quarter of school is over..only 3 more to go…this also means report card time. To be honest…one grade needs improvement…she is also very confused as to why she received that grade because her main project was awesome! (she will have to speak with the teacher on monday) but she also received 3 “A’s” which I am thrilled about. She is a happy camper and it showed her that all the work was truly worth it…it was a great boost to her self esteem which is always a good thing! I am very proud of her!

The night before last my son, AJ, who is stationed at Ft Campbell Kentucky IM’d me and we video chatted for a couple of hours…that was so much fun..he has a wonderful sense of humor….he could always make me laugh about anything! He has received confirmation that his vacation has been he will be home from December 18th to January 1st., so I am very will be wonderful to have him home for the holidays! My other son, Eric, just came in from the field…he has been out in the field for over 10 days now, he said it was a nightmare - a type of make you or break you final training…now he gets ready for graduation from AIT and then home to see us for a few days, we bought him a ticket back to Arizona after his visit BUT now the Commander decided to cut vacation time for those deploying now things areup in the air as far as his visit home..I am still keeping positive about this because I really want to see him and refuse to give up hope.

It has been a full week with nice temps…we did have rain on and off for 4 or 5 days but we needed it since the state’s water table is 24 inches below critical. But this weekend is absolutely lovely…so I think I will go and sit out some more!

Here is a bit of inspiration for you:

Remember To HUG Everyone You Love!!!


my78novata said...

Fort campbell is where Todd was stationed there when he was in and its four hours away from us. ........ I hope you can share your nrew craft with us. Sounds like your daughter is doing good. WELL thatis lol Now about depression YES you know you have a wonderful family husband good job life nice home waht ever. BUT ITS LIKE YOU DONT even want ot crawl out of the hole as sad as that sounds. You just want to be alone and wnat to be there in that place. its almost as if its comfortable!!!!!  I know IM lousy with words this is the best I can do . Maybe its not like that for you but for me it is. I wuld rather not have to or dont want ot deal with the world. I like it alone in or with the comfort of my sadness that IM use to I cant quite get the right words but well Im sure you can put it better.

jeadie05 said...

Nice to read your journal ,yes I agree craft projects are a good way of coping with depression ,Hope you keep getting better , Jan xx

ab45yui said...

Hello Ellie.  Glad to see things are on an upswing!  I hope it works out for both sons to be home during the season.  I wish I had the talent for art and crafts, but I don't.  I can paint by numbers!  LOL, actually many years ago I used to do charcoal and water color drawings, and also cartoons.  Once upon a time, I had a dream to create greeting cards.  Who knows, maybe someday I will.  Glad you are getting back into it again.  Have a great day!

ukgal36 said...

you are very talented..wasn't sure how yo leave a comment on the other blog..glad you are feeling better...

tendernoggle said...

So good to hear from you Ellie! I am going over to your art journal right now!
love ya,

fisherkristina said...

Hi Ellie.  I found you through Magic Smoke.  The Blogplugs.  Nice to meet you.  I also used to suffer from depression.  I still struggle sometimes but very rarely.  I take medicine which helps tremendously.  I also have a challenging support group, and my faith to hang on to.  And I have learned much behavioral therapy to get me through.  If you work at it, it will help.  And just getting the right meds goes a long way.  So does fighting back.  And getting up and doing.  No, it is not easier said then done.  It is very hard to do.  Who said life isn't hard?  Because it is!  Keep on keepin' on and take care of yourself,

Krissy :)  

luvrte66 said...

Hi Ellie, I found your blog through blogplugs also. I hope you continue to create and to find your joy. All the best,