Sunday, May 9, 2004


I just want to wish all you WONDERFUL  mothers out there a GREAT and SPECIAL day. Here Mother's day was wonderful....dinner was cooked for choice of what dinner would be and all my children cancelled any kind of plans to stay home with me and make me nuts and it was WONDERFUL. I loved every second of it. Really it was a very peaceful day filled with lil surprises and lots of laughs. My children have always made their own cards for is so funny to get a homemade card from boys who are 19 but it is the greatest feeling for me. I cherish every single card and note they have ever made for me.... I think that means more then anything they could ever buy me.
     I did however want to mention most assuredly my mom. This is a woman that made me the person I am. Her patience with me all through my life amazes me to this day. Her protection of me and her endless Love are truly a miracle for me. I know that she has such a special place next to God when the time for heaven comes because of all the kindness that she has shown others during her life. My father would not be the person he is if it was not for my mom....she took care of all things at home and of him so that he could work and become the success he was and is.
     There are times during my teen years that I swore I would never be like my mother.....then as I grew up I realized that I am my mother.....and for that I feel so blessed. She has always done for others and never asked for squat in return.... and to this day I could go to her house....and get the best home cooked meal on God's green earth. So for all that My Mother Is and For all That She Allowed Me to Be....THANKS MOM from the bottom of my heart.

I hope everyone had a GREAT day....... I hope to get back here soon and fill you all in on my crazt life........ Until Then-----PEACE!!!!!!

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