Saturday, April 24, 2004


I have discovered that when I am not feeling well or life becomes overwhelming that I tend to withdraw... hmmmmmm, I guess I need to work on that. has gotten insane at this end...but would any of you really expect any less if it concerned me? LOL. First some distressing news is that "something" attack the puppies we had left...some sort of hit all the puppies at once-we lost seven puppies in a lil over 48 hours. We have no idea what it was....neither does the vet.... but it really broke our hearts having to bury all those sweeties. Holding them to make them comfortable until they stopped breathing really can tear your emotions up. We have three puppies left...they have the hearts of a lion and have pulled is amazing. I think by sunday they will be going to their new that is a positive note on a stressful situation.
     Now in case you did not know this yet...we live in Florida and the school system here runs on a different schedule here. So school here is letting out by the end of the second week in May....but we also start school here in August. The only reason I mention this is because my sons graduate in May...OMG---I feel so old, they will finally be done and life for them will just start beginning. I am so thrilled for them...however on the same note the chaos is just beginning with graduation practice and getting the graduation gowns and so on. End of the year parties and family wanting to give their two cents worth of advice to them. So needless to say-this is not a calm time around here. I just received a notice from my nephew's school saying that they are promoting him to first grade...that between the last grading period and this one he has made vast improvements. Go figure-I wish they would make up their minds.
     Also we ran into some major financial difficulties---so we have had to deal with alot of that garbage but hopefully that is all resolved. Finances seem to turn people crazy when things are not well...I really dislike that.
     I also have been working on some major projects that I promised myself I would do for my children when they graduated from high school. I am making each of them their own photo scrapbooks of their life from birth until graduation...that is my gift to them... I know it may sound corny...but it really is something from my heart to theirs...and believeit or not-the boys have been expecting them for quite some time and really want them to take with them wherever they chose to go... so I have been trying to finish them off.
     So as you can see-life has not been easy here... really busy and abit overwhelming but maybe by the end of May things will come down... at least that is what I am hoping for.
     Well I have to get back to my creative projects before the inspiration leaves me... I hope you all have a wonderful weekend-BTW...did I mention yet that my kids have a four day weekend...some kind of teacher work day .... so of course it makes for a busy weekend...for now-----PEACE!!!!


sonensmilinmon said...

I completely understand about life becoming overwelming and wanting to withdrawl. I do the same.  Sometimes it's simply a way of survival!  I wish you the best!

Smilin Mon

deabvt said...

Oh, I`m so sorry to hear `bout the Puppies!

bernmilo said...

man im sorry to hear your life is stressfulll....sorry bout the puppies i couldnt imagine how hard that was....hope things are gtting better for you