Monday, April 5, 2004


Yes I know again days gone by....and no word from me. I am writing to you all from my laptop. All of my cool programs and pictures and everything else is floating somewhere on my desktop computer.  I would take the puter to the tech guys but only God knows when I would get it back...and I would miss it way too much...I know that does not make sense but for now ... that is the best excuse I can come up with. So here I am on my lil laptop trying to keep a stiff upper lip, braving it through the compactness until my big baby gets fixed. Okay enough feeling sorry for me... and my lil electronic baby-onto pressing teenage problems. Yes I said that evil word "teenage". My sons are now to the point where they feel they no longer have to inform anyone where they are going nor who they are with and how long they are going to be gone. Yes I know they are 19 years old and they are old enough to be responsible for themselves...but like I tell them-it is common courtesy to let us know that you have left the house and will not be back until whenever. Well this is getting to be a serious problem here...So now that we are laying down again the law-all of a sudden we hear that famous speech of " I am 19 now and old enough to do what I want"... believe it or not- my response is- Do it someplace else...not in this house. Okay... hopefully this problem is now resolved and all will be back to normal-in the meantime..I am just going to stare at my desktop computer and moan abit--PEACE!!!


dymphna103 said...

My son lives with me and he will let me know if he is not coming home directly after work. He gets off at midnight john

bernmilo said...

Oh and you think you have problems...I have 6 kids between 15-22, and trust me it only gets worse......check out my journal please..../....hang in there

deabvt said...

LOL Jibaro!!