Thursday, April 8, 2004


Ahh son and his friend cleaned up our front yard of car "things" and weeds and whatnots to get the yard ready for the spring. I must say I have never seen it that clean before. It looks marvelous. I guess him and his buddy have made a deal with my hunnie that if they get the yard looking good that my hunnie will teach the friend all he ever wanted to know about car mechanics. My honey used to be a mechanic in the army and it has always remained a hobby for him.  He even helps out the local mechanic with repairs when time allows. So this kid is desperate to learn as much as he can so that he does not have to pay others to fix his lil rod (mazda rx-7). Now my son who is his friend-got himself a mazda rx-7 also. Of course they just had to have the same kind of cars. This is the same kid whose mother went off on me on the phone a couple of weeks back. Apparently she found out how wrong she was about the whole ordeal and now her son is always here.
     Now for the not so happy news--the same son that is mentioned above was told to go to the corner store last night to pick up some spices that were needed. Well I noticed he was gone for quite some time and then I got this strange feeling in my stomach like something was so wrong. Sure enough the son arrived home and it turns out he was in a accident. No One Got Hurt.....and he was not at fault which surprised me. The whole thing is also going to be forgotten because the other driver had no insurange, no legal tag etc... (which in this area-is not unusual). So the damage on my car is easily repairable. I guess I need one new headlight lens and a new grill. Again my children aging me prematurely seems to be the goal of the year. They sure are pushing the right buttons. Now the other son who happen to go the church retreat this past week..he is really really serious about pursuing a career as a pastor. He always wanted to be a pastor, ever since I could remember. I think it is a wonderful thing because he whole heart's desire is in it. But his transformed way of saying things like--if he hears something positive he says/shouts, ALLELUIA. It does not bother me because I am used to that from church and have done it a few times myself...well my sister in law is not enjoying it at all. I feel bad because I really thought that this would bring a peace between the two of them because he is changing for the better. But no such luck. I think the two of them have the type of personalities that just simply cannot get along. I really cannot take the yelling and nastiness between them anymore. It hurts to hear the harshness and no matter what I say nothing gets resolved.
     Just to bring you updated--I am still staring at my desktop computer. It looks so lonely and needs to be played with but we still cannot get the desktop icons and such to come up. Now my son did manange to bring it all up under safe mode and all my things are there... now we just have to figure out how to move the folders I want to save to the networking folder so that we can reformat my puter. So I am still using this laptop-and tho I love it because when we travel it allows me to keep in touch with everyone...It just is not the same. Ichose the animation above because you can just smell spring in the air...slowly but surely Florida is moving up into those temps that makes life uncomfortable but nothing major yet. I am so NOT looking forward to another scorching summer. It really makes it so difficult to breathe in. Well I thought I would just drop a line to fill you on my crazy life--more to come--PEACE!!!


bernmilo said...

Hang in there it does get

deabvt said...

jibaro, it`s possible that your sdram memory has crashed!  Happened to me!