Tuesday, June 21, 2005




Now you all must be saying to yourselves...who the heck is this chic Ellie and why is she writing. Well I have no idea but here I am again.
I still do not have my puter...and I have been fighting a sinus infection for three weeks now...the headaches are just about knocking me out.
I am so sure you all did not want to know that so moving on.....to catch up on news...my parents are doing grand....they must both have alzheimers because the incident between them never happen...they cannot recall...I think between the illnesses they are both fighting and all the meds they are on....every day is a fresh start because they have no memory of yesterday...scary but I think good in their case.
We have been helping my parents pack up their house. They really do not want to take alot....just the bare minimum and some antiques that they have. They have given me ALOT of things...I am really overwhelmed. First Here is a pic of the front of their house:

Now I realize that their house does not look big but looks are very deceiving...they have a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house..with living room, dinning room and a large kitchen. They also have a screened in florida room that is the entire length of the back of the house, a large kidney shaped built in swimming pool and a vegie garden, flower garden and a two car garage. They definitely made money off of selling their house. The closing is July 21st. I think we are moving them down south on the 13th and they will drive up here just for the signing. When I first mentioned in my last entry that they sold the house...that one deal fell through but then they found new buyers about 10 days later. Their house went quick.
Here are a few more pics I thought I would share:

Of course here is my kid...she begged my mom for this painting...believe it or not it is me. It is my high school graduation picture...my brother took my lil pic and made it into a painting..this was his gift to me... It really amazed me...I did not want it actually...but my daughter was dying for it...so my mom gave it to her...You can tell by the look in her face she is a bit tired...this pic was taken during a break ...we had already been packing and shifting stuff around for 4 hours previous to this. Here is a pic of my parents:

I think at this point everyone needed a break. This wednesday we go and pick up the living room set and the dinning room table that sits 12. I have no idea where we will fit the table and all but of course I cannot turn down a gift. So far we have received a queen size bed set and a full size bed set. The full size is my daughter's when she would stay with my folks. so of course for her room that she is redoing she just had to have the set. Actually I am glad she got it because the bed she had was pretty beat up from the boys.

Now like I said she is redoing her room...here she is painting it the new color...geez...:

Ahhhhh purple...the color of teenagers...but she loves it and personally I love purple in general. I will be taking more pics as improvements are made.

That is pretty much the highlight news...as things progress I am sure I will be letting you all know how things are going.
Just as a side note...the weather here in florida is already unbelieveable...always in the 90's where we are at...and of course the first storm of the season already made an appearance...geez...I do not know many people who are recovered from last hurricane season...but ready or not - here we go again!

Well I think I have caught you all up fairly well so I will end this entry here...
remember to HUG someone you LOVE today!!!



derasta said...

So nice to hear from you...my daughters love purple too...I cant wait to see the room finished :)

yakima127 said...

It's been a while!  Sounds like you made quite a haul from your parents move!  I hope your daughter loves the purple room!  I like purple, too...actually, more of a lighter purple...hope you feel better!  JAE

csandhollow said...

So glad your parents are doing better. I figured it was the illnesses and meds that caused the problems. Been hot up here too. Today we are getting a break, it is only 74 right now. 90's for tomorrow though.

my78novata said...

wow glad your parnets got a new start maybe we could all use a new start LOL well I sure am glad you guys got some improvments going on it ssummer andthat is always nice. I really hope you share more pics I love the pics. HOpe you can post more often

onestrangecat said...

so glad to hear that things are going ok for you.
love the painting of you!

Take care,


dcmeyer420 said...

Have not been by in a while. I am glad things are better for you. HUGS!!!

sonensmilinmon said...

(((((Ellie))))) How can you even think we would forget YOU?!?!? NOT happening!  My daughter painted her room purple too - and I have to admit it looks good. :-)

Take care of yourself!


dcmeyer420 said...

Miss you, Ellie. Hope everything's fine on the homefront. Update soon, please!