Wednesday, May 25, 2005










First I want to THANK each and everyone of you that sent comments and emails full of support. Thanks so much for your prayers...I am a firm believer in the power of prayer....You have no idea how much your support, prayers, and positive energy have meant to me....You all have truly touched deep within my heart... you have no idea.

Now..last friday Allen took my mother to the state attorney's office. Now that was a strange trip for mother refused to go at first....she said the police being there earlier was all that she had to do. Well Allen appeased her on the phone and still continued to show up at their house and took her to the court house. There is not alot that sets Allen off because he has to have a pretty even temperament for his job...but there are a few things that he will speak his mind and do something about. Well the assistant state attorney tried to twist my mother's words around and use them against my mom. It really was so strange according to Allen...and when my mother tried to correct this person... the asst state attorney said each and every time "Do you know how many women have sat in that same chair and try to BS me with excuses" .
To make a long story short...when things were done... Allen walked my mom out to the waiting room and went back into the lady's office and proceeded to set her straight....he did explained their health histories...and already my mother does not recall alot and my dad is back to his drugged up state to stay out of pain. The lady told allen that at the most my dad might get one day of counseling in anger management. The lady could not believe their ages and the years of marriage...As Allen and I suspected and as many of you wrote to me...and now the attorney also feels that their health issues and the stress of selling their house and moving away from all that they have known all added to this particular incident.
Well once they left the office my mom decided that they were both hungry and wanted to go out to lunch...they had a nice time and allen talked to her alot and kept things always on the positive side.

***Now*** as of parents actually sold their house...this took maybe less then 2 fast. This friday Allen, Crystalyn, my son who lives down south (to help us) and myself will be going to my parent's house and take whatever furniture they will not be needing. My parents are already giving me their living room set and they are giving my daughter a full bedroom set that she uses when she stays over their house. I already told my mom that I would like her hummels and these exquiste paintings from famous artists in south america... they are gorgeous...I will have to take pics of them and show you all. They want us to take as much as possible so that they have less to move. It kind of makes me so sad to see them leave and leave the place I have known as home for the last 20 years...but I think moving someplace that they do not have to worry about bills in their late years is a good thing for them.

***Now***they have decided that they are both moving to Naples in the apartment that my brother has. They are really driving me crazy with changing their plans but I know that the prayers were answered and God has healed their hearts and brought peace to their souls...I really believe that.

I am doing better then I was a few days ago...but now I have become very jumpy which I am hoping will go away.
Continue your wonderful prayers and again THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart.

Remember to HUG someone you LOVE!!!


my78novata said...

Well soon as they move and settle down I think your jumpyness will go away. You should be jumpy and skiddish. Im glad so glad it all turned out okay and they are better. I prayed for that. I wont talk about hte lawyer becuase I tell you I have no good words for laywers or judges and officials. But girl besure to take care of your self too. take a hot bath adn relax

csandhollow said...

Thank goodness everything is working out. My prayers will continue for you.

tendernoggle said...

I am so happy that everything is turning out ok, Ellie!
love ya,

boiseladie said...

Oh I hope things are okay with your parents.  Your Allen sounds like a great guy to go with your mother to court.  Hang in there.