Thursday, May 12, 2005


                This is my third attempt to put in an entry...for some reason my entries keep getting deleted or before I am done writing...the page just disappears and up pops the main page with no new entry found. I have no idea what is going on...but it is getting very fustrating. Now...I hope that all you moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine was very peaceful...just the way I like it. My sons called me to wish me a Happy was wonderful to hear from them. My daughter sent me 10 email cards and dedicated an entry in her journal about me...I just was all wonderful. NOW for the handling news...last thursday my hunnie Allen went to the doctor for a follow up regarding headaches that he has been getting. He does get migraines but they are trying to figure out what medications will work for him without knocking him out. When he was seen he told the doctor about his sinuses bothering him and the doctor also listened to his chest. Well next thing my hunnie realize is that they made an appointment for him first thing the next morning for a CT scan of his look for Lung Cancer. Well my hunnie called me when he left the office and  told me how scared he was... all I could do was cry...When he got home..he tried to play it off like it is fine. Neither of us slept that night. Of course we had to wait all weekend to get the results...and come to find out we also had to wait until tuesday. I prayed all weekend...cried at times...and we just talked until we had nothing to say. Tuesday afternoon came around and the results were negative for Lung Cancer (THANK GOD). I have never been that scared. It felt like a huge weight taken off our shoulders. He has ALOT of congestion in his chest and he was prescribed a very intense antibiotic to kill theinfection. The doc also found that Allen has high cholesterol. So my daughter and I have been on his case ever since then watching what he is eating and so on. That was the longest 4 days of my life waiting on the results...I also think of Allen has being the strong one who can take anything...but after hearing that he was being tested for cancer...I saw for the first time fear in his eyes...and that just broke my heart. Okay parents went down south to help celebrate my sister's 40th wedding anniversary. BELIEVE IT OR NOT I actually received an invitation to go to it also. BUT...this was the first time that they actually thought of sending me my own invitation instead of delivery a message through someone else. I just do not bother going. Well of course with my anxiety attacks and all that lovely stuff I did not go. NOW the bigger surprise in this that my dad said if I did not get invited he was not going to go. He was sick and tired of their rudeness that way. That is the first time my dad ever took sides in such a way...especially when it concerns my sister vs me. He has a HUGE soft spot for my when he said that it really shocked me...and even made me cry..( I tend to cry alot I think)..I think last time he went down there that he must have said something to them because I actually got an invitation. My dad's biggest beef is that family comes first and you do not treat family like they are less then you. Well I guess they got the shocked me. I actually put the invitation in my scrapbook because it is such a rare occasion. My parents had a grand time down there so that is nice...that is all that counts for me. Well I am finally getting tired so I am going to end my news here. I hope you all have a MARVELOUS thursday and friday...and remember to HUG someone you LOVE!!!




csandhollow said...

Good for your Dad. Glad there was good news with the hubby. Now try using ctrl and the D key at the same time. A screen will pop up tha you can use to type your entry. Then all you have to do is copy and paste to your journal. Add pictures to your journal and you are all set.

my78novata said...

Well wish you didnot have to wait over Mothers day for the news on teh CT scan. I think Drs wait entirely too long in giving results. They are just not caring enough now days. as far as your mohters day Im glad you had a good oneand got the invite. how speical. It really is special of your dad to taket hat stand. I know as you do being a parent that is not always easy. My daughter made a mothers day entry wtih a song for me inhers. I posted the link in my journal to hers and the song it will make you cry especially whe reading the words to the song she posted. That is so special and sweet. So leave the link and i can see your daughters entry too. HOw speical ourdaughters are.

tendernoggle said...

whew....I know that scared the living daylights out of yall! I had to have the same thing dne because they found a "nodule" on my lumg in an xray...scared me to death; but turned out ok.
So glad yalls did too!
TAke care,

sonensmilinmon said...

Very frustrating when you lose an entry.  I've been there done that myself so I can relate.  I'm sorry to hear what you have been dealing with lately.  Seems like so much and it sounds like a LONG wait when you just want to know the results.  I've worked in doctors offices and trust me - we would be begging for results so we could get back to the patient ASAP.  It's not always the doctor who is slow in responding, it's getting the info for them!


tp1012 said...

Thank GOD for your Hunnie being OK..I was scared to breathe as I read it...pushing myself fast through the words to hear the results...Thanks for stopping by again on my Journal. Love to you all!- Tami