Thursday, November 10, 2005


Have I ever mentioned in any of my entries that I just cannot stand going to the doctor....I think I have...I think you all are stick of hearing it....but it made me a total wreck just thinking that I had to leave the comfort zone of my house to go to the psychiatrist. First I really thought we would hit subjects more like how I should be dealing with my facing death and dying as a result of my debilitating disease. But even after these past 4 years of seeing him...he is more concerned with keep my meds going then anything else. I just about dropped my mouth when I left and read the prescriptions where he increased my sleeping pill....yes I have to take those on a regular basis so that my body gets the proper serotonin it needs to make correct decisions and keeps your mind sharp...I sleep enough as it is...I am missing out on life....yet he increases it.

The last time I went to him...he said that I could start going every other month...trying to bring my anxiety level down about going....he said think about it and let him know at my next appointment...well I told him...yes I want to see you every other month....and then he I think in your case I need to have you keep coming every month...GEEZ--someone make up his mind. now next month I have another appointment with him and then the following week after him I see the lunp that will be interesting....that doctor has cut down his hours incredibly...I think he is fixing to retire soon...then workman's comp gets to play with what doctor they will send me to ===to be tortured some more....UGH!!!

Okay...I am trying to hold it together...I need to go lay down now because I took one of those new sleeping pills and it is working really quick....I will bounce back later.

BTW....THANKS to all of you that left such precious messages for me.........You really made me feel so loved!!!!

Be Good to Yourselves,,,,,PEACE!!!!!!!!!!


csandhollow said...

Honestly sounds like you need a new psychiatrist.
I am glad that you are managing to get back on line more.

selk68 said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm still thinking about you...  {{{hugs}}}

~Lisa (Betty's daughter)

dcmeyer420 said...

Sending hugs your way. Get some rest and hope you feel better soon.

silvarrow said...

I'm sure the last thing you probably want is advice from someone who doesn't even know you, but have you tried alternative health care providers?  Many people have had a lot of success by getting their nervous system checked by a Chiropractor and getting adjustments for a wide range of healthcare issues.  Acupunture and nutrition could also be other avenues to explore.  You may already have tried these,  or may think me crazy but I know of people who have been helped and firmly believe that there can be other alternatives to support what your doctor is trying or may even provide better alternatives. Sorry, just felt compelled to write that and wish you all the best. -Jane