Tuesday, November 8, 2005


Yes it is me....remember me? Yes I did disappear....trying to keep things together at home...and with my health. I just seem to get in these ruts where I have to stop and step back and just walk away from things because I just do not feel right about it. I know that does not make sense but it does to me.

Life is okay....yes the Hurricane Wilman did make a pass by here...lots of wind and way tooooo much rain...streets flooded, ditches overflowed....and you could have used a canoe for your yard...but we are okay...we now have a leak in our garage roof and it is causing the ceiling to collapse...also our well has gone out....when it rains it pours here...so I am trying to make due with what we have.

My puter got sick for a while...so my access so was limited until we could come up with the money to get it fixed...the mother board and power box both fried....it was during one of the brown outs that this area goes through before during and after storms...yes my puter is hooked up to one of those power surge thingies....it does not work in storms in this state...I found that out.

So now I am back online and slowly getting things loaded back into my puter and so on.

The kids are doing GREAT. My son who lives in Tennessee is enlisting in the army at the end of this month...the son that moved down south is living up the street from us with a friend of his...working around the corner from us...and racing cars again...it is so good to have him around again...makes me laugh every day.

The daughter is loving high school....she is taking alot of creative classes and doing so very well in them...she is even doing some designing for teachers and such...I am very proud of all of them...

My hunnie is still working at the prison....he has 4.5 years left to full retirement...then we will probably look to having a place in north florida so that my health can improve.

I am booked with doctors for the rest of the month.. justnot adjusting to anything as well as I had hoped for...but things are ok. I have some good days but the bad seem to overwhelm me.

Other then that...I think I have caught you up on general news...I hope to get on more often...I just cannot sit for long periods of time...sitting restricts my lungs from expanding fully and it becomes painful to sit for a spell...but I am trying to keep positive which is something else I am working on within myself.

I hope all of you are doing grand....I hope to go around and say my hellos....please do not give up on me...I am hanging in there and have missed you all.



dcmeyer420 said...

Wecome back, Ellie! You were missed. Thanks for updating.

csandhollow said...

Welcome back Ellie! MIssed you.

my78novata said...

So glad your going to be able ot back. Man you missed the j land awards adn all just by a few weeks. and the final ceremony was last weekend.

onestrangecat said...

I am so glad that you did an update.
Glad to hear that life is basically ok for you.
I love your siggy tag.


selk68 said...

Wow.. Sounds like you have been going through quite a bit...  Sorry bout all the bad things; but, how awesome about the kids!  My prayers are with you in whatever it is that is ailing you... I know how hard it can be to deal with doctors - especially when you don't feel well!

Best Wishes 'n Take Care!
~Lisa (Betty's daughter)