Saturday, July 17, 2004


Well, I have no excuses at this point…I am just overwhelmed by life outside of my puter world that I cannot seem to handle both. I know that sounds overly dramatic but that is where my head is at. First so many changes have taken place here.  One of my sons had a late graduation. He did not have enough hours in one class so he had to attend summer school. Well, that was a heck of a celebration and I have never been so proud then watching him walk across that stage to receive his diploma…everything seems so worthwhile now. However—Right after the ceremony, I noticed my son was quite distant from me. Every time I tried to talk to him, he was very short and almost rude. Well-I have no idea where all that hostility was coming from. As the weeks went by the situation was getting worse and worse. There was no talking to him and no reasoning at all.

Well the bomb the boy had to drop was he was leaving and moving in with his grandmother. (He thinks that life is so much sweeter where she is at). To add to this news-is that his twin brother went to Tennessee (again) to help drive his grandmother up there to see her family and to take a vacation that he believes he needed for not doing anything for over a year. Well that child decided that he liked hanging out with his grandmother because she expected nothing from him at the age of 19 because she wants to make him co-dependent on her. That is what she does best. She has already done that with two out of her four children and now she is working on my two boys. There is no talking to her because she does not feel she is wrong because they are going to be living with her. So the one brother already down there has convinced my son here to leave everything here and go down there. Telling him life is so much sweeter. But there is a massive difference between the two boys. The one already down there thrives on attention. He is easily dependent on others and really never had much of the social life. The one here is very independent and had already landed a full time job and has already paid off all his debts and just got a mustang in mint condition. He also is very much more social and always has plans to go do something. He also is the son that goes racing on weekends. However as usual he allows his brothers overzealous mouth get the best of him and convince him to leave everything and go live with them. For the life of me I just do not understand that logic. I already know what is going to happen---the boys are going to fight viciously, which is what they do all the time when they are together and then the resentment only builds up between them and then neither of them will really move on with plans that they made originally.Yes I know I should just let them go and let the chips fall where they may but I am trying to get them started on a positive foot and they are only heading for a lot of conflicts.

Then my sister in law that now has been living with us for over a year has grated on my last nerve. She tends to be VERY impulsive and they lead to a lot of conflicts and problems here. There are way too many to mention but trust me…every night is another battle. Unfortunately her son has to suffer the most because she uses him as a weapon. The other day she did not get her way about one of our bedrooms that she wanted and “threatened” me that she was going to have to move and take her son with her because she did not feel it was fair to her. For the first time—I said GO JUST GO…and don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya. Well that shocked her just a bit then she came back with that Anthony would probably have to change schools…and my reply was GOOD…he can adjust easily because he is only going into the first grade. Since then…the topic has not been brought up and she has made no effort to move out.  To be honest I am truly OK with her moving out because then it will just be my hunnie and our daughter and myself at home. We all deserve the peace and quiet and no stress kind of life.

Also my parents have been traveling a lot and we have had to travel back and forth to their home to take care of their precious cat and their house. So that has taken A LOT of time away from our normal kind of routine.

Today they left taking a cruise to Mexico-including 5 port stops. They are traveling fools. Believe me when I say that so much more has happened here but my medications are taking over and I am getting very tired…so I will try and return soon and fill you all in on more of my life that seems to be a saga. PEACE!!!!!

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