Saturday, September 4, 2004


Well I will admit that this has been the worst summer I have had in a very long time....I have lived in florida for 18 years and have never been phased by the weather-especially storms....yes I complain when it is hot but that is normal for a floridian. Now all of a sudden we have had to deal with two hurricanes in a matter of less then 3 weeks. We are still recovering from Hurricane Charley--debris is still all over the place and trees are still down. Last hurricane we had no electric for 8 days - that just about destroyed us...we have our own well and septic and we have to have electric for those things to function unlike the majority of florida. No Electric, No water, No bathrooms....unbelieveable. So today - later late this afternoon Hurricane Frances is going to hit us head on. Geez- we are so worn out from Charley and now Frances is knocking on our door. Well I guess we are in for another ride. No we are not evacuating....I am not worried about my much as not having electric. Now as for my summer....I have had no dsl all summer until about 4 weeks dsl no puter.....then as soon as our new dsl shows up- charley hit...... now frances....... I cannot get online long enough to do anything except delete mail so my mailbox does not fill up. So I am hoping to get back to a normal schedule soon,,,,,, In the meantime--stay positive for us and I shall return. PEACE!!!!!!!

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