Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Since I have not displayed my companions lately I thought I should give them equal billing. So here are my babies--

Now aren't they just the prettiest lil birds. The yellow one is called Angel and the grey one is called Spike. They are a blast - Spike talks alot-yes he actually speaks words and short phrases. Angel sings- Apparently this is normal for cockateils. They are about 4 years old (give or take 6 months) I absolutely love them. They keep me company in my puter room and when the dogs are not in here then I let the birds out and they fly around and hang out on the puters and crawl up on us so that we will scratch their heads. ( THEY LOVE GETTING THEIR HEADS SCRATCHED) it is so much fun.The only thing that drives me crazy is that Angel loves to grab my earrings (which are posts) and bite them and try to remove them...that could be a painful battle for me. LOL. Now the monitor you see them on is not mine- it is my hunnies--mine has too much STUFF on it (but I will leave that topic for another time) so they perch on his and come to me for affection. AWESOME.


sonensmilinmon said...

Hey, I'm glad you stopped by!  It's good to see you again. Sonny and I have two cocatiels too, and they look just like your two companions above!  Our light colored one is a female and the grey is a male. :-)  Such characters!

I'll be back on a regular basis!


dymphna103 said...

Glad you back...john

onestrangecat said...

Love the birds.  Do they stay out of their cage most of the time?


deabvt said...

Hey!  Great birds!
Congratulations from B2BI !