Monday, September 20, 2004


Have I mentioned yet what a HUGE football fan I am. I have no idea why. I actually can keep up with the teams...I know who drafted or traded who...I can even call the flagged plays before the ref says anything. I even belong to a group called foorball freak fanatics....Just My Style. I love BOTH the NFL and COLLEGE Teams.

I actually can outdo my boys on info about football...and to this day even tho they live in another part of florida..they still call me to get the low down on games and scores and news. But this is just the my mondays, saturdays and sundays are totally engulfed by football and my family knows just leave mom alone with the tv remote and feed her once in a while...LOL

 Now of course because I live in florida I must be true to the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS. I just about went "hog" wild when they won the superbowl...but this year I am extremely disappointed that they did not ask Warren Sapp to return...He was that teams spirit. But I am thrilled that they got rid of Keshawn Johnson..he was bringing the whole team down and badmouthing everyone...That man knows how to break the spirit of a team.

Okay.......after you stop laughing at this poor team...I am extremely loyal to them. I went to the University of Buffalo for college...and besides snow, that football team provided a blast during my college years and for that I will be forever grateful. They will always have a special place in my heart. I have great memories of sitting at games and FREEZING my tushie off but it was all well worth it.

NOW this is my ALL TIME favorite college team. THE FLORIDA GATORS. I was totally broken hearted when steve spurrier (the head coach) left them to go coach the washinton redskins (he did such a lousy job there). I did not like Coach Zook at first--I thought of him as an invasion on my team. But this year I am willing to give him a chance and see what happens.

Now my hunnie LOVES the florida state seminoles....BUT WHO CARES? LOL We are constantly cheering against each other when it comes to these two teams. All over our house are Gator and Seminole is such a BLAST!  We have even gone as far as to naming our cats..Seminole and Gator...we really have a sick sense of humor...LOL

Well I must be off and watch the rest of the game...halftime is over. THANK GOD FOR FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!


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barebytes said...

Football? cool, i like football Hugs Lanny