Thursday, September 23, 2004


Finally officially fall is here....this is my favorite time of year. The sunsets are more vibrant, the air seems more crisp and it seems that the earth is getting ready for the winter ahead. I absolutely loved the fall when I lived in New York. I could never get enough of the beautiful changing colors of the leaves. Of course, here in the sunshine state leaves really do not change color the same way... I think that is what I miss most about living up north. However I do not miss snow in any way shape or form. Living in buffalo during my college years cured me. Since I cannot have the same colors here as up north - here is a small pic of some wonderful looking colors.

 I know you can never find such naturally beautiful colors then what God created so simply. So if you live where the leaves change..TRUST ME--enjoy every breath taking moment- because there are some of us who do not see that at all. It is definitely time for me to go out and get some pumpkins and carve away and bake some pumpkin seeds...awwww the GREAT memories that brings back for me.

I wish you all a BEAUTIFUL AND VIBRANT Fall Season!!!



barebytes said...

Happy fall to you also. Hugs Lanny

onestrangecat said...

I love the cool crisp air of autumn.


sonensmilinmon said...

It's fall alright! I FEEL it!  I used to hate fall cuz I knew it meant the end of summer and warm weather.  Now, I kinda look forward to the fireplace, cozy evenings at home, snuggled with Sonny.  Ahhhhh yes, life is good with the different seasons.