Wednesday, September 15, 2004


 This is our fence or what is left of our fence in the back you can see some of the branches that helped bring it down. All the panels will have to be replaced because the wind just blew them apart. We did have F.E.M.A. come and check out what damage we had from the hurricanes- the front roof part of our garage also collapsed. If I can get a picture of that I will definitely post it...

Now this is my neighbor's front yard (well about half of it) and because of Frances it became totally flooded and the water took days to drain. The amount of water everywhere was a sight to be seen.

Now this picture is just a lil corner of our front yard and a continuation of the neighbor's flood. As you can see in the background the brown dried out debris that is still sitting there from hurricane Charley. Now those piles are double (at least) in size because of Frances. Everything on the street was just floating around...

This is the roof top of a Circle K about half a mile up the highway from us. In the foreground is the awning over the gas tanks and in the background is the overhang of the store itself. That place took a beating which for some reason surprised me. BTW- the pieces to their store have not been found- God only knows where the wind took them.

So as you can see so far..... Hurricanes is our middle name at this point. I am so very THANKFUL that Ivan has headed more west and we will not be so affected. I really do not think the area could take any more.

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