Friday, September 24, 2004


AGAIN...another hurricane heading for florida. This is getting to be a very BAD habit. Of course it is heading for east central florida - where I live. This is really getting to be very aggravating and downright fustrating. PLEASE if you pray - pray that it just skims the coast line and goes north. There are some people of the coast that just got their electric back yesterday and just in time for it to go out again. They say by sunday it will hit full force. I really do not think we could go through another one- it does zap the energy right out of you. The pic shown was sent to me by a friend...who thought this was too funny--unfortunately most of the houses do look like that. (ugh) Well I can make it through the hurricane as long as it does not touch my electric...that is THE WORST feeling in the world. Also if I have not said this before-our electric runs our water and bathrooms.... no electric no nothing.

Mind you there are two other storms right behind hurricane jeanne. Now this is ridiculous. I wander what florida did in a past life to deserve all this destruction. Well I must go listen to the weather reports so we can start planning. My nerves cannot handle much more.

Hope your day is filled with sunshine!!!   PEACE!!!!


barebytes said...

We have fog here and the sunshine must have gone for a time. maybe on vacation. hope your weekend is a nice one too. Hugs Lanny

sonensmilinmon said...

My mom and dad lived in Deland for many years ... are you anywhere near there?  It's not far from Daytona ... maybe 30 miles.  It's been ages since I've been to Florida.  Anyway, you can count on my prayers!  My son is in Pensacola and they got hit hard, the state really has been hit hard this year.  He's still in a shelter for who knows how long.  

Wishing and praying for sunshine in the plywood state.