Sunday, September 12, 2004


Well we are still around......this is a good sign. Hurricane Frances never affected us..Thank scares me to death how many people were so effected by her. Six Million people with electric.... the state was dark......but we never lost ours...I guess it made up for having no electric for eight days with Charley. We are all safe and sound and all is well. Now Ivan is on his way..... I do not think this one will affect us either...right now it seems to be moving more east so that makes me a happy camper. But I will not count my lil chicks until monday or tuesday..we will see how it moves.

Now as everyone knows by now I am sure is that I have an AWESOME daughter. We are so very close that people wonder about us... I find her to be so intelligent and sharp as a tack that it scares me. She has a great sense of adventure and is extremely loyal to those she loves and cares about. It just AMAZES me what a kid I have..... there is a quote that I really believe in concerning her..."My Daughter Is The Reason For Me Being Born"

She gives such life and laughter to everything and really is NOT  selfish at all which stuns me since she is such a teenager...I will say she has her moods that make me stop and think where did she get possessed..but 99% of the time...God really has Blessed me! Since the boys have moved out (which stills breaks my heart) it has only been the three of us hanging hunnie, my daughter, and we really have gotten a chance to go crazy together and have fun and spend some great quality time has been wonderful. At least once a week ( more if we can afford it) we go out to lunch and spend hours just talking and making plans and such. It has really been a life changing time for all of us.

Well now the daughter has started her own journal..Now that could be good or bad..she tends to speak her mind and uses more of that "teen" lingo that makes me nuts but, I find her very very funny. Her journal is called NO BOUNDARIES.  I hope you will take out a minute and check it out...... she is quite different.

Now as you also probably know - football season has started...THANK GOD...I just absolutely love football...So I hope to watch as much of it as possible to last me through the off season--LOL

Any Hoot- When I have the time I will upload the pics I have from the is very different living through them...I am still stunned!

Until I Write Again---PEACE!!!!

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