Thursday, September 30, 2004


You would think that by now I would know how to handle people, especially the ones living in my house. Also the fact that I am a counselor should give me the upper hand. But I am finding that my health has taken my fight away. I am now with the attitude that I am too tired to deal with all the garbage that I used to. As you all probably already know (if you have been following along) is that I have had a guest now for over a year. I DO NOT mind helping others....I feel that is so natural for me, I do not give it a second thought-until NOW. Well this guest has worn out their welcome. Today is a quiet day compared to what it has been. This person told me when they moved in because I have been so ill that they would keep the house up so that I did not have to worry about it. Also having my nephew here (she knows) keeps me sharp sort of speak. Well I have kept my end of the deal up yet she has NOT lifted a finger to help us. Now that she knows my hunnie is fixing to go OFF big time...she has been disappearing every weekend so that she does not have to do anything here. She also comes home and picks up the kid and leaves until late at night and SNEAKS in so that no one confronts her. I have lost all control over the situation.

Now I know you all are saying JUST KICK HER OUT. But it is not that easy. She has a little boy, and he is just starting to lay down roots and become the lil boy he should be because of all the garbage that has happened in his young short life. Also Where is she going to go? There is no talking to her because it works for a day or two and then her mind draws a blank. She is also very volatile and impulsive. She has so much anger built up inside of her that she has no idea how to get herself together.

I guess I could go on and on about this situation but tonight I just needed to vent a bit before my mind left too. I am trying to do the right thing and understand it all and be christian about it....but now I feel like I am getting lost in all of this. Sorry to lay this on anyone--but I guess that was one of the reasons I started this journal-so that I could vent instead of saying something in real time and it be a mistake.

Some good sleep might help.........PEACE!!!!


derasta said...

Boy you're in a tough spot there...on the one hand she's worn out her welcome by not keeping her end of the agreement, yet she has a little boy you are concerned with...seems you have to put your foot down there a little harder than you have been.

readmereadyou said...

Time to set some rules. Sit her down and recap your original agreement. What she's doing isn't fair to you.

barebytes said...

Time to reasert yourself and your comversation at the begining of her stay. Ground rules are to be followed for your own peace of mind. Hugs Lanny