Monday, September 27, 2004


OMG...What A Ride!!! Again another hurricane...and Thank God again we survived it. Lots of outside damage this time but we are all safe and the house is I am a very Happy Camper. Only lost electric for a bit which is alot better then 8 days. It seems that florida will never really recover from the hurricanes...We are still trying to settle out damages from Charley...we have not even gotten to the rest of the hurricanes. This really is insane. My hunnie and I went outside during the last part of the hurricane winds...WOWOWOW--Now that was wild. But it is such a different feeling from your "nornal" windy days. I was able to take just a couple of between rain bands.




 This was the tree in our front yard...As you can see-what the other hurricanes played around with--Jeanne decided to finish off. Also as you may notice that our ditches are full and now the water is creeping up our front yard.

Okay this is a pic of the right front part of our yard and our neighbor's yard and the you can seee the water has no place to go...and this was only half way through the hurricane. The water you see there is approximately 1 1/2 feet deep.

This is my neighbor's yard...the water goes from the street and ditches right to her front door. This is insane. The water will probably be sitting for quite some time...The land has just not had time to recover.

Well that is a bit of a glimpse on how things were during my weekend. I am so glad it is all over. Now Hurricane season does not end until the last day of november...I think tho that florida has seen its share for the next few years. The mountains are looking better and better to retire to..LOL

Gotta go watch my Monday Night Football---PEACE!!!


readmereadyou said...

oh my! I just came across your journal. These pictures are so telling. Let's hope, no more storms.

derasta said...

Boy you really got hit there....I really feel for you guys in florida...hopefully you wont see this happening again....

sonensmilinmon said...

What part of Florida do you live?  My parents lived in Deland, not far from Daytona.  I've been wondering how that area was effected.  I'm gald everything is in one piece at your home and everyone is healthy.