Monday, February 7, 2005


Yes I am here finally but to be totally honest...I really have nothing to say. The only thing is that I have been sleeping my life away. I know that the medications are suppose to subdue me so that my lungs do not work so hard....BUT..I really thought after all this time..(over 5 years) that I would have built a tolerance...but it only seems to be getting worse. Sleeping my life away is not always a good thing...but enough of least I managed to stay up long enough to watch the SUPERBOWL. I thought the game was great... lots of fun...and I am very happy for the PATRIOTS...

I came across a site that you can have the president speak for your journal or whatever.... so here is a look at what President Bush had to say about my journal:

Now that is pretty cool...I did not think he had time to read my journal...but I am impressed......LOL
The weather here has stayed quite cool....strange for the sunshine state.
The daughter dating thingy is still going on.....I still have not met this boy....but hopefully we get to meet him this weekend. Again she went to his house to watch scary movies...and she had a nice far so good...things are staying innocent.

Okay then...... I do hope you all have a GRAND week...I am hoping to write more sometime this week..... I just need to find some sort of motivation...or just the impulse to do something other than sleep.



barebytes said...

Hugs Lanny

dcmeyer420 said...

Take care of yourself , Ellie. We want to keep you around for a long time. So, get some rest, Missy! Love & Hugs.

sonensmilinmon said...

(((((((((Ellie))))))))) Take care.  Keeping you in my throughts and prayers.


tendernoggle said...

I hope you are feeling better is so depressing to have to take meds that make you sleepy and tired all the time, I am glad you can keep your good moods up! Hope your daughter enjoys her little dates..we have to grow up all too fast!