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I am actually up and writing in my shocked myself...but I wanted to share is not important to anyone but me....but nevertheless. I was woken up by a phone call from Aruba....I do not know anyone who lives in Aruba...that was a first for me. However it turns out that my parents are hanging in Aruba for a couple of days during their cruise. They will not be returning until March 9th. It sounds like they are having a wonderful time....I guess next stop are a couple of south american countries and then mexico..who knows.

Well my father called because they wanted to know how their cat was. They have a long haired blue point Siamese cat. That is their lil pride and joy. Her neck has some sort of infection and they wanted to know how it was doing. Then my father said he wanted to call to see how I was doing. Because I have NEVER missed an opportunity to go to their house and eat my mom's cooking and they knew something must be wrong. I reassured him that the cat is fine and I am ok. When I asked him when was he coming home he told me the I told him to make sure he got me some nice gold from a bracelet or something....he laughed because he knew they were going to miss my birthday and to pacify me is best done with (YES I AM SPOILED)

He said he is collecting a ton of postcards for my daughter.... she collects them. Then he told me that he has picked up shot glasses for my they already took care of the him....but of course I am the hardest to please...teehee. Actually they always come back with some awesome I am fine with all of that. Now on the other hand my hunnie seees this as a grand opportunity to tell him how much my parents love him more then me.... it does THRILL me that my father is so fond of him... they hit it off fromthe beginning...and that meant the world to me... they are really too funny together.

Now as a little side note... I asked my dad how the cruise was in general....of course they are loving it...but he said they have one complaint...and I asked what that was and he said they are on a cruise for senior citizens. He said that everytime you turn a corner there is an old coot. GEEEEZ!!! my parents are 81 years old.... he just cracks me up...I told him that perhaps he was one of the old coots and he said no because he needed a faster cha cha to dance to. LOL Now that sounds like my father....him and my mom LOVE to dance and eat out....always!!!!!

Well after my heart stop pounding so hard (because at first I thought something bad had happened)....we said our goodbyes...and left each other laughing! onto my next son (who lives in Tennessee) is flying down here on wednesday to help me celebrate my birthday...he is my gift...which is the best I could receive. HOWEVER.....he has called every night to explain to me how I am probably getting on in years...and perhaps AGE is getting to me...what a smart ass he is. He wanted to know if I needed any geritol and such....he thinks he is sooooooooo funny. But he did have me laugh.....and that felt great.

Well that was my wake up call and my bedtime calls for the family is just toooo much. Below are a couple of quotes from one of my favorite authors/poets...Thoreau...Have a GRAND weekend all!!!



"The question is not what you look at,
but what you see."
     ~Henry David Thoreau

"To be awake is to be alive."
     ~Thoreau, in Walden

"Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the
fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each."
     ~Henry David Thoreau


my78novata said...

HA SMART ASSSSSSS KIDSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Wiat just wait. HE WILL Have kids one day he will he will. Ilove your dad saying htat about old coots. SO maybe hes not an old coot maybe he is just an old fart!!!!!!!!! LOL Thats wonderful that they like to dance. I read an article thatit keeps you young. Lori

csandhollow said...

Your parents sound great!

tendernoggle said...

Wow! Your parents have spunk!!! glad to hear they are enjoying their trip!
I love Thoreau too!!!!

sonensmilinmon said...

What FUN your parents are having!  I had to chuckle though because my oldest son is on a world cruise with the US Navy not pleasure.  Anyway, he's been getting shot glasses for my other son, post cards for his sister and each port he's stuck trying to figure out what is best for mom!  I of course have to be the hardest to shop for!  


yakima127 said...

Your parents sound so fun!  You ARE spoiled, by the way...JAE

cneinhorn said...

cool parents! and Happy (early) Birthday.....  :-)


cste609371 said...

Great journal... best of luck to  you!