Saturday, March 12, 2005








WOWOWOWOW....ever since my birthday I have been sick in bed with the stomach virus that is going around. When my son came down..he became sick the night before he was heading back.... the day after he daughter came down with it....and the day after that is when it hit me. OMG!!! that was the WORST stomach virus I have been through. It really drained me out for just about a week. Today is the first day I can sit up at the puter and not feel sick to my stomach and no dizziness and such. I cannot believe how fast that hit all of us. When my son was not feeling well he thought it might have been the food we ate when we went out to dinner...but the rest of us were fine...but then one thing led to another and all of us got it one after another. By the time my son got back to Tennessee he wound up in the emergency room and that is when the doc told him that the stomach virus is spreading like wild fire and is air borne also...this is insane. I am just glad that sick feeling is finally gone. My son recovered alot more quickly then the rest of us... but we are all doing better today. I guess the positive side of this is I dropped 15 pounds in almost a week... geezzzzz what a way to lose weight.

Have I mentioned a slight surprise we received about two weeks ago???? Well as usual I was asleep in my recliner...and three of my dogs were in the same room with me zzzing out also...well my hunnie came home and I heard him open the door of the room I was in and yelling my name bellowing something about where did this puppie come from.... I jumped up (which in itself is a site to be seen) and sure enough a new born rottie puppie was on the floor next to our female rottie Ginger. We never knew that she had gone in heat nor did we know she was pregnant..she never gained any weight and her bellie did not drop. Yet within two hours she gave birth to THREE pups. OMG.... we DO NOT need any more is insane here as it is. Well to make things just a bit more interesting...they must be mutant pups because in no time they have nice biting teeth...they are walking and hopping and jumping...their eyes are wide open...and they bark and growl...go figure. All females.... my daughter says it is just tooooo much PMS for one household to take...LOL
Here is a pic of the cuties...

They are huge..... I call them sausages... but what adorable lil faces they have. So they have added more spice to life...I just cannot believe they are barking and growling at two weeks....none of our other liters ever did that...they think they are so tough!!!  LOL

Well.... hopefully I will start feeling better to get online now and catch up on all my reading and such...I think I have alot to catch up on. Have a GRAND weekend everyone...and Hug someone you love....PEACE!!!

"Angels do a lot of things, but they will not take away your free will or the lessons you are here on earth to learn."


my78novata said...

OMG you are the second j land person to have puppies in two days put in entries. Il ove puppy breath. I bet you were in shock!!!!!!!! OH what  special surprise. WHOOOPEEEEEEEEEEE How sweet and wonderful. i wish I was tehre. I keep fighthing this one too. I think its all the stress around me. Lori

onestrangecat said...

what an unexpected surprise!  they are adorable!


csandhollow said...

That stomach flu is the worse! pat has it now. The pups are adorable!

tendernoggle said...

Wow! What a surprise!!! Dang, I know that almost blew you away!!! They are sooooo adorable!

sonensmilinmon said...

Ohhhh Ellie, I'm so sorry you were feeling yucky. As for the surprise, I WANNA a surprise like that! They are soooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!  :-)


boiseladie said...

OMG!  Puppies!  And you had no clue, that's funny.  I hope you are feeling better, being sick is no fun.  Our "Lucy" is pregnant and due next Friday, the 25th, we can't wait for puppies.

coy1234787 said...

Awwwww ... look at those faces!
         *** Coy ***