Monday, March 21, 2005


The spring break insanity has started here in the sunshine state. Spring Breakers from all over the country have invaded the beaches, nightclubs and bars...along with certain streets in certain towns and they have officially taken over for the next two weeks. I am so glad I have the safety of my home to retreat to...because it is crazy out there. Also all the schools in our fair state are on spring for some insane reason the stores are all jam packed and the traffic is unreal. The bright spot in all of this is my daughter has been home since last thursday (when her break began) and she is home until the 28th. I love it when she is home because we do so much together.
Which brings me to my next point:
my hunnie and I had been talking about making our own patchwork blankets and pillows because we really liked the one his sister made for us...and we would like to make a bigger one to cover our bed and do one for our daughter. Well as a major surprise to me...hunnie showed up with a BRAND new sewing machine for me. I always wanted one because I wanted to teach myself how to use them and maybe sew a few projects. I know nothing about sewing. That is a tidbit I just never was never interested in. My mom sews big sister is an interior decorator and sews alot of her projects just to eliminate the middle man and her stuff has been in magazines....but of course it leave to me to not have an interest in it.

Well now the sewing bug has hit me and my hunnie showed up at home with the following:

I know it may not be really special or fancy but it is the best sewing machine I have ever seen. It shocks me to no end that my hunnie actually waded through Walmart and took time to look at the machines and picked out this one. All together it does 25 different stitches...I have tried them all practicing and seeing what they look like and they are awesome!!! I love it!!!
Of course my hunnie has to buy accessories because I am so homebound that he knows that it is just best that I have everything I need around me so that I can start and finish something. Well he and my daughter bought tons of material and threads etc...and my daughter and I have done one project already...I think sheis just as excited as I am. Please do not laugh at our little project but I am very proud of it considering I have never sewn before in my life. Here are the pics:

Back of Pillow:

Not anything special but we made it and that is all that counts. It is so fluffy and comfortable I cannot believe it. Well watch out sewing world...I am on the loose. LOL

So this week we are going to be playing around with the new machine and see what we can come up with. Have I mentioned yet that I have also started to crochet. OMG.... I have never done that either....but I looked it up on the internet and have started my own lil project....too cool....I am making a scarf for my hunnie for his job...they can only be either brown or black...and he wanted I am working on it. Boy that really keeps your head busy.. and time flies when you are sitting there just crotching time away.

Also this past weekend I worked on some more scrapbook pages.... I really have to start putting together my albums before I forget what goes where, which would be typical for me...LOL.

Well folks I really hope that your monday is MARVELOUS and remember to HUG someone you LOVE...hug them TWICE...just for good measure!!!


dcmeyer420 said...

My daughter might be in your neighborhood. She went with friends in the Tampa/St. Pete area and suppose to go to the Keys. Watch out for a redhead ball of fire! Great news about your sewing machine. They are wonderful to have around. I went sewing crazy one time and made curtatains that matches everything in a room. My hubby remembered my mother used to do that and she also made us little dresses and shirts from the curtain remnants. There was an inside joke about it: we will never get lost because all they have to do is match us with our curtains!  Happy Easter, Ellie!


my78novata said...

OH man I would not want ot be where the spring breakers are. The pillow is cool. I sew with my daughters and have taught them to crochet. we love granny squares they are easy and go fast. Wish I had someone to do my shopping. Lori

boiseladie said...

Wow!  Your Hubby done great!  And that first project of yours, you SHOULD be proud!  What a great pillow!!!  Good job!

onestrangecat said...

too bad about being invaded with spring breakers.
your pillow looks great for your first time sewing.  i'm impressed.


tendernoggle said...

I am so happy for you Ellie! You must have a wonderful husband! I think you did great on the pillow! Just keep at it!
Have fun!

sonensmilinmon said...

((((Ellie))))  ((((Ellie)))) <-- 2 hugs for you.  I forgot all about the invasion!  You reminded me of when they took over Daytona Beach.  I was about 13 and of course facinated with the college spring breakers. Nice sewing machine, and great pillows.


shayreen1 said...

        this is my first time reading your journal, and i like it.
i love that pillow too, i dont know how to sew, but i would love to learn to sew pillows like that. i will be reading again. please check out my journals.

derasta said...

Oh I want a sewing machine so bad.....all the possibilities!!

mkolasa101 said...

I love your first pillow..I know you will treasure that one for a long time.  I used to sew a lot way back when....if I could find a sweing machine that threads itself I might just start it up again.  What a wonder hunnie you have.  I've lived in Florida for lots of years and never did get to make it to Daytona for Spring Break.  Just keep a low profile, they will be gone soon.