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Howdy all...wow...I seem to be on an upswing because this is yet another entry in the same week...oh my heart be still...LOL

I just thought I would tell you all about a few tidbits  because I have absolutely no memory if I have already mentioned it or not.
First is that the big dating scene between my daughter (15) and the senior boy (18) is over. I had a feeling things were coming to an end...I could just tell being on the outside of things...and I was all prepared to be extremely supportive and understanding and my big shoulder was ready to be cried upon. BUT I am WRONG. My daughter could careless. She said it is just a high school relationship and nothing that was ever going to be permanent. She said he was not even mature even to say anything to her face...he wrote a note to her. She let me read it....he is just a sorry son of a gun....he claims that he is under stress and the pressure from his friends he just cannot take anymore. The pressure being that he should be dating a cheerleader...or a girl that "gives it up"...instead of an individualist girl like my daughter is. I guess I should explain. My daughter cannot stand to follow trends...she has her own definite way of dressing and acting and approaching things and responding. She is far from being screamish,nor air headed, nor dorky nor any of those things...actually she does not really believe in labels...that is why she says she is an individualist...well...his friends were very intimidated by that because she did not fill their idea of a mold of a girlfriend...she also can out mouth any one who has something smart to say to her. So this so called boyfriend broke it off...and my daughter almost seems relieved...and I am glad. She is a lot stronger then I was at her age and everytime I turn around she really does surprise me. Again...How Very Proud I Am Of Her.

The next lil tidbit is that...my parents have finally returned from their cruise after 15 days at sea...and they had a blast. My mother unfortunately came home with a cold but outside of that...they cannot stop talking about it all. They went with two other couples and they all did everything together. They partied the nights away...and travelled and explored during the days. I am so thrilled for them....
My dad still insists that everyone on the boat were old fogies...he said they were all senior citizens...I asked him what was the age of these old fogies considering he is 80 something...he said they had to be around 90. So they were the senior citizens...LOL
Now I did not ask him what he thought he was considered because I really did not want to burst his bubble (LOL) but he just cracked me up.
Well he asked me to look up travel packages and such to Chile and Argentina because that is where they want to go next time. Not on a cruise because this time they would like to travel the country side and discover the countries on their own...which they have done all their lives ... so I am looking for deals for them...I cannot believe they are already planning ahead. My daughter told my dad that he is not allowed to go anywhere unless she is travelling with them...She wants to discover toooo!!!!!

Okay...now that I have bored you all with my lil tidbits...I hope you all have a WONDERFUL wednesday..HUG someone you love-----PEACE!!!!!!!


my78novata said...

yeah my 80 smething granny keeps sayingthe people at the generations center are old. Problem is she is older than them. They in tier 60's and 70's So quit a differnet story. Now your daughter sounds like mine. She is that way. For that reason she does not date. boys cant handle her mouth!!!!!!!!! she has them hanging like puppies nad shhe drags them arond. She likes ahving lots of GUY friends says havinga relationship always messes that up. LOL Lori

tendernoggle said...

I am proud of your daughter too! She sounds alot like mine!lol
I hope she continues to hold her ground!
So glad your mama and daddy got back safely and had such a good time!

boiseladie said...

Sounds like your daughter has a good head on her shoulders...  she should be proud of herself.  (I'm sure she is.)  And, your parents, how fun was that!  I want to go on cruise!!!

csandhollow said...

Great girl! I kmnow that you are walking on clouds everytime you thinkof her!

onestrangecat said...

sounds like you got yourself a great girl.
glad your parents enjoyed their trip.


coy1234787 said...

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday too!
                     *** Coy ***

cste609371 said...

creative journal...