Saturday, July 30, 2005





Today I wanted to wish my parents a very very HAPPY 56TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. I am amazed that anyone has been together for 56 years but obviously they have so it can be done. Here they are the lil cuties:

of course their granddaughter is in the middle... I heard from them again last night...again I could only cry afterwards..this is the first time my parents have ever been away from my daughter...they have been with her since the day she was born and put in the neonatal icu dad was the first to hold her before me. They have been involved in her life always and I think that they are feeling very empty and lonely without her. During the summers she usually spends weekends with them so that she could go swimming and they get to spoil her. But now that they moved...she is no longer just 25 minutes away.

It does upset me to hear the loneliness in their voices...they are trying to keep busy but now that the moving chaos and everyone helping them settle in is over...they are starting to feel the loneliness...I miss them a great deal and I will always miss my mom's great dinners.
I realize we could visit them but it is not that easy since Allen works at a prison. There everything has to be planned 6 months in advance and still that does not guarentee you the time off.

All my life I have been the one who has stuck by my parents and have helped them and kept them company and just been there for them. Now I am no longer just a short drive away and it bothers me as much as it bothers them.
I realize this sounds like a self pity party and I am is just the mood I am in and how I feel at the moment.

Remember to HUG someone you LOVE.


derasta said...

awwwwwww they are sooo cute!!! I love them!! And 56 years, how wonderful is that...true love :)

my78novata said...

happy anniversary to them. WOW sounds like you are having trouble cutting the apron strings with your parents. Kind of reverse usually parents have trouble cutting the apron stings with kids. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT> THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!!!!!! Its a sign of the love and devotion you have in your heart and what a good person you are. Its a wonderful trait to ahve. Im sorry I have no solutions for you. life just somtimes doesnt havethe answers we want. HUGS to you. HOpe you get to see them soon

blondepennierae said...

I found your link through another journal.  Odd that we haven't connected before this, or have we and I don't remember.  My brain seems to be melting in this summer heat.  My parents and I were 'exactly' like you describe you and your parents.  When they moved to another part of the state it was a terrific adjustment for all concrened, but they eventually learned to love where they were and I learned to love to plan vacations to spend time with them.  My mother passed away 1 month before their 60 anniversary.  I agree with you ... marriage to one partner for that many years is absolutely phenomenal.  Pennie