Thursday, July 28, 2005


                  I do hope you all are having a grand week...and staying cool. The weather guys here say that the temps are around 98 but with the heat index has been reading between 103-108. I think that is hot enough. In that kind of heat I just do not know how people can breathe outside. I heard from my parents....they are still trying to get settled in. My sister has been helping them set up their new place ( she is an interior decorator) and my brother has been by fixing whatever they need. They also have been invited to dinner by my sister for a few nights so I think that is grand. I was doing fine with dealing with them moving until my dad got sentimental and then of course I cried for quite some time. Anyway...I think finally my hunnie is going to take my desktop computer finally to the tech guys to get it fixed...I told them just wiped out the hard drive and I will start new again. I saved what I could so I am ok with it. Hopefully it will not cost alot to get it fixed. I love my laptop but to be honest I miss my was just much more comfortable and I miss my printer and such. Well this week has been tax free week. I do not know if they have this where you all are but for a week to 10 days the state does not charge taxes for clothing under 50 dollars or school supplies under 50 help families get their kids ready for school...everyone benefits from the tax free time...of course the stores are jammed packed but it does save some money. That is what matters. Every year they have this....I never heard of such a thing until I moved down to florida. Well I think I will go watch the news and see what is going on in the world around me...Until Next Time--- Remember to HUG someone you LOVE!!!!




my78novata said...

I m not handling this so well. we in this weather dont have any central air. Its up in our attic. Tracy said her ceiling was wet. We went up and there is frost on the unit and its all dripping on the ceiling now the insulation is wet and all. YUCK but last I heard it will be days before they can get to us and so we dont loose our ceiling we just turned the unit off. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! LIke I needed that!!!!!!!!!!

tendernoggle said...

Hi Ellie,
So glad to hear from you again.
I know you are happy and relieved to know that your parents are being cared for!
Hope everything is ok at your house and yes, It is hot ere. It was 105 the other day. I feel so sorry for the folks who have to work out in it.