Friday, July 22, 2005


                  It's finally over....yesterday my hunnie and a friend of his packed up  my parents house and moved them south. I wish it was that simple but it was not. We have been going there at least twice a week to get things packed and whatever my parents came across that they did not want they would give us. Well that would be fine and well but apparently they never packed their closets or dresser draws and such (which we did not go into because that is their privacy) so it took quite a while to pack up that stuff...altogether with some chaos thrown in the middle of it took them 7 hours to pack up the house into a u-haul truck. After all was in there was not even enough room to put a shoebox inside of the truck.. So as a result of so much parents had us take all the extra stuffies for ourselves because they did not want to leave anything for the new owners. The day before the move we were at my parents house doing the usual packing and my dad got a phone call from the real estate agent that the closing has been delayed until 3 the next afternoon. Apparently this is the 4th time that the closing has changed. It was suppose to be at 10 in the morning. But now this new time is causing a problem because the u-haul is rented based on time and both allen and his friend have to work on friday. Also the rent a car waiting for them down south when they turn in the truck is on a time schedule. So now my dad is fuming...he really went nuts on the agent .... I felt bad for the agent but money talks and it is not fair my dad has to spend more because the buyers cannot get it together by 10. Well ... all things not being even... what should have been a planned out move (which it was) turned out to be an overnight stay downsouth of which allen, his friend and the truck did not arrived until 3 in the morning. But as of right now they should be on their way home....They all sound like they are in good spirits so that is a good sign...and believe it or sister was there at the apartment first thing this morning to feed the hungry men and my brother showed up to help unpack the truck and my sister and her daughter are spending the whole afternoon there to unpack everything and get the place set up and cleaned up so it looks like home. Of course I miss my parents already but there was nothing I could do to prevent them from leaving and maybe the change of place will help them both. DID I MENTION....that the night before they moved, while we were still there....we sat down to eat some sandwiches and when my dad went to sit down he fell. He really did a nice job banging up his arm and side....he just his balance and footing...made me so nervous...and Allen jumped up to get him off the floor... he was shaking beyond belief (my dad) heart went out to him. WELL - I think that pretty much describes some up to date news on my end... I did take pics but I still have to upload them. I would have had them uploaded already but the puppies chewed my camera usb cable...gotta love the lil ones... Until Next time---remember to HUG someone you LOVE!!!!  





my78novata said...

aw I bet you all are exhuasted.

onestrangecat said...

moving is horrible.  i will never move again.


dcmeyer420 said...

Glad that is over and done with for now. ((((Ellie))))...

tendernoggle said...

I have always said" you don't know how much you have until you go to move!"
Glad to hear from you again, girl!!!
take care.
love ya,

ccancu said...

The only good thing that I can say is:  IT IS OVER!  Moving is the worst!