Thursday, June 15, 2006


I know again I seem to vanish...seems to be the story of my life.
I do apologize...there are times I get so motivated to write then it just disappears when I actually have the blank page in front of me. Also there are days I just want to scream and that is definitely not something to write about....because I think AOL would terminate my journal for EXTREME foul language....I know a lot of those great words.
Okay....first I will tell you that for about three days AOL played total chaos with my email, my software, my favorites folder and anything else they could do.
I am sure that most of you (maybe not) have ads inside each individual email that you open. Well for me it was quite a shock and it was slowing my computer down incredibly. The ads were also causing errors...and then aol would freeze then I would have to reboot only for the same garbage to happen again. Spoke to online help SEVERAL times...sometimes I actually had to wait 20 minutes for a tech to be available. The first tech said to download the most recent version of aol (which I thought I already had the most recent version) well believe it or worked. NO ADS....I was doing the happy dance.
Only to be disappointed once again...the ads returned about two hours later...went back to tech.. then this time was told the standard answer..."we offer ads to provide others goods and services to our aol customers"...well my patience ran thin and I proceeded to go off...WOW I can write when I am mad...LOL. I then waited to see if something was going to happen to my hunnie's computer and sure enough the ads showed up in his emails....well now it was serious because it was slowing his computer (go figure).
He talks to tech...and gets the same standard answer but he was down right insulting to the tech who was treating him like an idiot...he can write some stuff now when he is upset!!!!
So again I go to tech because I kept freezing...well this tech had me doing all kinds of garbage to all kinds of far everything else about AOL is working for me....and the ADS are here to stay. I am so disappointed in AOL...I really thought that they could not stoop any lower but I was wrong. I have been with AOL going on 10 years...long time...I remember having AOL 3.0 but it just seems that ADS are their lifeline now.
Okay so I spazzed out with AOL for three days...I do not think in all the time I have owned my puter ... I have ever rebooted so much and changed so many settings....I had one tech for two days...we emailed each other ... I would tell her what is going on and she would send me instructions on what to change...bless her lil heart.
So now that my adventures are over with AOL until something else comes up..
I have found if you have the MOST latest version of AOL their browser almost is non is difficult to get a lot of web pages to come up. But if you use internet is lightening fast...also signing in now is lightening fast...I now have to use explorer to view all the journals that I read...but it is so much more quicker and there is no loading time at all for the graphics and such.
NOW...some family news....My son AJ (who is in the army) will finally be done with all the formal training including his MOS on July 14th. He has 72 hours to report to his division in Tennessee and after that he has no idea what is going to happen. He has been calling me a lot. Talking about whatever under the sun...even emailing me. It really has been nice. I think apart of him is homesick and apart of him is disappointed because he thought the army stuff would be so much more.
My other son is losing LOTS of weight...and because of it..he cannot enter the army until after Sept. 15th. For a long time he thought of going into the Marines like my father but he has several friends right now in boot camp or that are just finishing up with boot camp and they are all I think he is going that way.
Now my radical daughter..who is 16 is out of school and driving me crazy...her main project (according to me) is to get her room fixed up before I let her dad go in and just throw things away...she had the puppies in there and they really destroyed a lot. Her own fault...we told her to keep them out...but she did not want them to go anywhere out back then fit through the fence and be lost...this child worries about some crazy stuff.
Which brings me to my next subject...DOGS..I absolutely LOVE animals...BUT we have entirely tooooo many dogs in my house...three females have given birth in the last two weeks and we have puppy fever here...UGH!!! My house nor my nerves cannot take it anymore. My dog gave birth to two of which one did not survive...she had a female pup. My hunnie's dog gave birth to 5 male pups..and another female we have gave birth to three pups last night...we do not know the sexes yet. I am slowly losing my mind over all of this. My hunnie is just fed up period and wants to call the pound to come get them...this is a VERY sore subject in our house. I think that makes 20 dogs altogether here....JUST INSANE!!!!.
Here are some pics of puppy antics:

The lil girl pup sleeping on her mommie's leg.

One of the male pups sticking it's head where it does not belong!!! That can is the mommies not pups.
NOW...some other delightful news is my daughter is getting the driving itch. I have such a problem with her driving and I have no idea why. Her dad lets her drive around our area..she is in an all fire hurry to get her license and take off. Which brings me to the next subject of her car. YES she has a car. My hunnie is using it right now because his jeep is swallowing GAS and we just could not afford it...and her car gets GREAT gas he uses that. She does not have her permit yet...and I am in no rush to let her go to the driving place and get it. HOWEVER she has already started buying stuffies for her car..with my hunnie in tow. She now has matching cloth seat covers...and matching seat belt pads...and matching pockets that hang anywhere in your car for your phone and notepad and whatever else. The AC works GREAT which is a big plus in the sunshine state..the two of them even went out to walmart and put a big time fancy cd/radio/ipod type stereo system with speakers on lay away. The two of them are driving me crazy. Hunnie wants to get her car painted for her birthday as a has some dings and paint peeling but a nice paint job would make it look new...everything else works wonderful (knock on wood)
Here is a pic ofher car:
As you probably already heard...our HURRICANE season has started...ALBERTO was kind...we only got some rain...nothing to really talk about. I really think it is some other state's turn to take on the majority of hurricanes...florida cannot afford anymore. Everyone's insurances have gone up and of course building supplies have risen because there is such a demand for them. Just crazy!!!
Of course the heat has become unbelievable already..the humidity will kick your butt every time. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of the summer heat...and officially summer has not started. UGH UGH UGH!!!!
Okay....I have caught you all up on some details of my life...nothing exciting but I thought I would check in and say Hi and truly I hope everyone is doing well.
THANKS for stopping by and remember to call someone you have not heard from in a long time...your call may just be what they needed.


csandhollow said...

My problems is cats. I have way to many and I just cant seem to get rid of them.... Glad to hear from you. I hate the ads on emails.
Are you talking about using AOL Explorer?

ddcfranks3 said...

Hi Ellie

I found your journal with a Mozilla Stumble and I have been reading it ever since.
You are a wonderful, creative woman and I love the zest you put into your writings.

I know not all days are good for you, but you have a lot of support out here in cyper city, I have become one of them.

I currently live in Germany, not military, but my husband works as a contractor for the military.  

Thank you Ellie for what you write. You are inspirational and I am sure a very beautiful woman (remember beauty is more that skin deep). Keep writing!

wfhbear said...

I sure enjoyed reading your Journal today. You made it sound like you were writing about my house. Utter Chaos with the computer and lot's a dogs. That's about the way life runs here. I have decided that the best way to deal with this is to go out to the car (or truck) at about 3:30 PM and start it up. Turn on the A/C and the radio. Now, get a very large drink of what you like. (I like scotch or gin) Get in the car and sit there with your eyes closed until the drink is gone. If anyone bothers you just threaten to kill them. Spend at least a half hour just "Chillin'". My Regards, Bill.  PS: Once your son gets his MOS and gets to start working in that specialty a little he will enjoy the life more. I got sent to an "A" school and became an Armorer.

tendernoggle said...