Thursday, June 29, 2006








Sorry folks…no excuses…just too down and out to sit here and write anything. I really hate when I go through these phases or whatever they may be called…it takes such a long time to just start functioning in some sort of normal fashion.

I have been trying to stay positive and think good things but things seem to overwhelm me too easily.

Today I seem to be ok. I have been again sleeping a whole lot but Allen says that after I have slept a lot I seem so much more calmer and relax…I think he is right. Maybe that is my body’s way of healing…I do not know.

I have been trying to keep up with everyone’s journal…that also sometimes makes me feel overwhelmed…I am pathetic!!

Okay…First…it is HOT AND HUMID here in the sunshine state. This summer is already becoming unbearable. The AC is such a relief. My heart really goes out to those that have to work in this heat…Just crazy.

We have no special plans for the forth of July. We will probably buy our own lil kit of fireworks and do our own thing as we do every year. Also the racetrack near us has fireworks and we have the perfect seat in our front yard. We might bar-b-que ..just depends on the weather and what we are in the mood for.

Allen has not gone to work this week. He has called in sick. He has been suffering from severe headaches now for quite some time. The cat scan showed signs that he has been suffering from them but no tumors or such (thank God). However, the doctors cannot seem to get it under control. It makes me feel so totally helpless seeing him in so much pain and there is nothing I can do for him. Of course with the state and the fdle…those excuses are not acceptable in this state. I guess we will see. He has another appointment tomorrow with our regular doctor who referred him to the specialist to see what else can be done. He really is at his wit’s end with the pain.

Along with the summer heat come the storms…so my puter time has been cut down A LOT. The storms here have been hard and fast. The electric has gone on and off but not for long. However I keep the puter off because I do not need a fried piece of electronics.

ß-this is me on most days…LOL. Just had to throwthat one in.

Just to add to my stress level-my puter chair is totally broken. Allen sat in it one night to use my puter when his was not working and he leaned back too far and SNAP…the left handle separated from the back. Well after much wear and tear..both arms are separated and my back is killing me sitting here. I told Allen that when my check comes in the first thing I am getting is a chair. The only vice I have is my puter…it is my life line and not being able to sit at it for any period of time before my back hurting is just not acceptable.

I did manage one early morning to add some photos to my photo album on fotki…I am constantly adding but I WELCOME you all to check it…you can see a bit of my crazed life…LOL. Here is the link  ELLIE’S PHOTOS

Today I received a few more items for my craft obsession. I feel like it is Christmas every time I get a package. I have also managed to do a few more digital scrapbook pages so I am happy with that accomplishment. I know my kids will enjoy these scrapbooks when they have their own families and want to share things from their childhood.

Well – I think I have caught up some with you all. Keep positive thoughts for me. I just want to be able to do normal things…is that asking too much?

Take care of yourselves and remember to show those you LOVE just how much you LOVE them.



dcmeyer420 said...

I know what you mean about heat and humidity in Florida. I went out on my patio yesterday and glance at the thermometer. It was 103 degrees in the shade! Will check your photo blog. I hope you feel better soon.

tendernoggle said...

I love photos, so I am going over to check on yours! Hope you get to feeling better. I had to get me another computer chair too...Please keep Allen going to get his head checked...My brother-in-law kept having bad headaches, and would not go to the doctor...He had a cerebreal hemmorage and had he gone to the doctor, he may have lived.As it was he lasted two years in a comatose/vegetative state, before he died. So please keep check on that.
love ya,

wfhbear said...

Hey, sorry to hear about Allen's migraines. My Dad use to get them and they turned out to be a bone spur pressing on a vein in his head. Once they cut out the bone everything was OK. I sure enjoyed seeing all your pictures today some I have seen before in your Journal and others I had missed. I always feel honored when someone puts up family pictures for us to see. I guess hurricane season is upon you there in Florida. My Grandparents lived in Lake Placid near Sebring. Libby and I lived in Marathon (Keys) for a while. Take a look at my photo album ==>  My Regards for the Hoilday. Bill.

onestrangecat said...

good to get an update!  love the photos at the other site!


derasta said...

Hi Ellie! When I'm not feeling too well I tend to sleep a lot...especially if my sugar is high (diabetes) I will sleep on and off all day it seems...I do think it's our bodies trying to get better and they need the rest.