Saturday, July 1, 2006








I know that no one wants to read about bad news…I am sorry about this but I had to talk about it all because that way it is said and done and then I feel better.

This first picture is of our dog YAPPER…cutie…

I had to manipulate the pic a bit because it came out too dark. However the news is that Yapper is no longer with us. A week or two ago we found Yapper dead in our backyard. Allen suspects strongly that a neighbor poisoned our dog. I think I mentioned before how I just do not do neighbors…well this only confirms my feelings. He was fine one minute and dead the next. Our neighbors have children that are constantly taunting our dogs. Obviously no one has told them that rotties will only take so much and then rip through anything to get to what is annoying them.

Okay…the next bad news is that we lost our lil Mini me…

the puppy that my dog Athena had. I knew Athena was too young to have puppies but I really thought this pup would survive because Athena was taking such good care of it. But I was wrong. Our other dog ZZ Top had pups a week before Athena so Athena has adopted them and cleans them and such in place of hers. Athena seems to be handling it ok. It just broke my heart to see that.

I was suppose to get my disability check in the mail today, but again I was disappointed. NO CHECK. I have no idea why the check is coming late, it kind of ruined our plans for today and we have to put off a few things because of it. I am a bit annoyed but there is nothing I can do about it. I really was in the mood to go run some errands which is somewhat rare for me- so this just screwed that up.

Good News—Allen got his battery charger for his digital camera in the mail yesterday, so he is a happy camper. His camera is REALLY nice. I am jealous. Allen is so pleased with himself and his new toy. Of course our daughter had to try it out and took dozens of pics outside to test it out. She is in love with the camera- Allen knows this means trouble. LOL.

Another neighbor behind us has started with the fireworks early. Of course he has the illegal ones. I could careless until he starts shooting them off in the wee hours…which will be on the 4th as he does every year. Of course my dogs are going it hasmade life even more of a zoo here.

Not much else truly is going life is boring.

Well—Have a GRAND weekend everyone and take some time for yourself to relax and enjoy the holiday.



derasta said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news of the passing of your dogs...I didn't know that your bred Rotties...

onestrangecat said...

So sorry to hear about your dogs.  Did you call the police about Yapper?


csandhollow said...

I am sorry about the dogs.

wfhbear said...

I will grieve with you for Yapper and Mini Me. That is truely a loss. Only dog people can understand this stuff. Man, I'd sure have my eyes out for this neighbor. I can not say what I would do if I even thought someone poisened my dogs. I'm glad to hear that Allen has another piece to his toy. Ha Ha cameras are fun. As far as the fireworks go I have found that if I bring "The Boys" in and Libby and I sit with them they calm down. My Regards, Bill.