Friday, December 29, 2006


Just a quick entry to say Hi and share a couple of pictures...from Christmas....
I truly was thrilled that my boys came home...great to spend time with them....we took tons of pictures and they even helped get the house in a better order....did some painting and cleared out a lot of clutter for me and really took a load off my mind about getting things together.
My son AJ has already left (last night) ...he has to check in and wait on processing about being sent to Texas.
Eric leaves on January 3rd so we have a few days left with him...he has really helped his dad get some stuff done on some motor projects and they really have been a blessing.
I do hope that everyone had a LOVELY Christmas....
Without further are the pics....
Eric on the left and AJ on the right
My children all home for the holidays!!!
The kids and Big Daddy!!!
I hope everyone has a JOYOUS and LOVING New Year.
Stay Safe!!!


my78novata said...

looks wonderful and I did nto see a picture of you!!!!!!glad you had your hwole family together

onestrangecat said...

so glad your boys were home for Christmas.
love the pictures.  your "boys" are men now!


seraphoflove9001 said...

aaawwww, I bet that was so nice to have them home for Christmas! How wonderful! :o) Take care hon and hugs to you as well.

sjnunn340 said...

I'm so happy your boys where home for the holidays.

They look very handsome in their uniforms

happy safe new year to you and your family

love stacey

sugarsweet056 said...

Wow, so nice the boys came home for the Holidays!!! {{ }}Wishing them safety & peace for the New Year.
HAPPY NEW YEARS! Hope it unfolds only good things for you! {{{ }}}

jeadie05 said...

What a lovely entry ,gorgeous children Ellie Jan xx

newmomtobe2001 said...

how lovely to have everyone home. I got the link from the graphics group :) Vicky