Tuesday, February 6, 2007


YES---it has be awhile since I wrote anything meaningful or newsworthy..
YES---I am still alive...
YES---I miss writing in this journal...
No I still have nothing really to write about...then again.....
I have been calling my parents every week because things DO NOT sound too good....they are both FORGETTING everything...including my phone number or things I just told them not five minutes earlier...this is NOT good.
They said they feel very isolated...my brother does invite them to my nephew's sports games (whatever he is involved in that particular week) and my sister has them over every couple of weeks I think....but they are isolated from others just like them...older couples or any kind of spanish speaking community or activities...it breaks my heart.
I so wish they would move back here...that would be perfect but my dad is NOT willing to give up living rent/house payment free.
I am going to be sending Crystalyn down to visit the folks for spring break...she needs to go see them and they need her.
It scares me that something is going to happen and no one is around to be there for them.
Well as for an UPDATE on the boys...Eric is now at Fort Wachuka-Oklahoma...he has finished basic and is now in training for interrogations. He said that he would be embedded (after his training) with special forces-rangers and the marines...his training is for 33 or so weeks...geez. He sounds good tho and is considering making the military his career-we will wait and see.
My other son AJ is at Goodfellow Air Force Base-Texas...where the army sends you to be trained as a firefighter...yes his career in the army has changed...in order for him to go active he had to change his MOS...his career choice, because there were no openings for his administrative stuff...so he is now a fire fighter...I think that is grand...
They call us often and now each of them has purchased a laptop and wireless internet so we are all in touch...it is nice.
Allen is officially retired from the department of corruption (I mean corrections) and his beard and hair are getting long..I love it...he looks like a hell's angel motorcycle rider...he loves it. Except for the grey hair...lol...
It is official....I got all my hair cut off....it was just too knotted,matted and too difficult for me, at this point, to take care of ...so I told Allen to cut it...he did a GREAT job...I really love it! The boys tell me that I look like NANA, which is my mom,....they said it is a compliment because she is cute and funny...so I guess I have a NANA haircut...lol.
Crystalyn is doing well in school...her art abilities are really blooming...I am really in awe of her work...my father mentioned that if she decides to go to the specialized school called "Full Sail" (for creative arts in media, stage, etc) that he would pay for it....LORD...he did not pay for my schooling...I had to wash dishes at night at one of the college's dinning rooms for years to get through school....I wonder who my dad favors...lol
Well that is the updated news that is fit to print...I hope you all are staying warm....
BTW--we were NOT affected by the tornadoes that hit central florida...they hit about 40 minutes north of us...too close for comfort...my heart goes out to all those families that have lost their homes and family members and friends...it really is devastating to see all the damage on the news...but I will say that florida is QUICK in responding to those who need help after natural disasters.
Keep warm and cozy...PEACE!!


tendernoggle said...

Good to see you back on here Ellie...Hope you've been doing ok...I too have short hair and I like it that way!!! Prayers going up for your arents and your sons...
love ya,

my78novata said...

sounds like your kdis are doing well. Your parents I understand that very well. Mine are getting father off the blanced line too Being an only child with them and my granny its just hard to deal

dcmeyer420 said...

Glad to read your update. Everyone seem to be doing well. The military has done us good. It is a blessing for us so I hope your boys find it to be beneficial too. Your head must feel very light now since you got long hair for a long time.  Hugs to everyone.

emabecmar said...

Hi, I am new to your journal. I found it through our graphics group we are both in made by Debbie, of Derasta Creations. Just want to say thank you for all the lovely snags you post. They are great. If you don't mind I'd like to continue reading your journal, so I have added you to my alerts. Please feel free to stop by any of my journals anytime.

mynamebecj said...

Well it seems I've been neglecting reading your posts.  I had no clue both boys were military now.  It seems like only yesterday they were little guys, what on earth happened to all of that time?

I am going to cry.  All that beautiful hair gone?  Am certain you are still as beautiful as ever, I just can't believe it's gone.  Did you donate it to "locks for kids"?  Okay dear you gotta share a photo of you and your biker honey with your new looks.  

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to hear he is finally retired from that place.  Praise God.  Ok now you all need to come on up here and see us.

Love ya kiddo,