Monday, February 26, 2007


First I want to  all for your kind words, prayers and support...
Double C has buried his only child...not handling things too well...PLEASE continue prayers for him...
My dear friend CJ is so right when she said that this hits closer to home then I care to realize...I fear for my sons...Eric will be deployed to the marines who travel in the hummers going from one occurrence to another because he is studying the language and interrogation.
I think my son is also worried about it...which makes me worry more...
AJ might be deployed there to fight any fires especially at the oil refineries..
or he might go to Germany which he wants to go to because that is where his dad served overseas.
WELL enough of all that for now....
I love MODERN TECHNOLOGY...the boys each have bought a laptop for themselves to use since they are so far from home.... it is GRAND to hear from them just about every night...they have been sending us pics and all...always wanting to know what has happened every day.
Now I am just waiting for them to get web cams and we will be all set.
Here are some recent pics (this past week) of the boys that they have sent to us.
Now...if you have been reading my journal for a while you would know that my hunnie is a MOTOR FREAK. He is always buying junk cars and such and TRYING to fix the motors...I would not mind so much but I can only take SO MUCH of the tools and grease and motor talk for so long...then I fall
So now he is putting a 2.8 v6 motor into a 1987 gmc jimmy. He even
has our daughter helping him here and there...but she is not as interested in the motor world as the boys. This is Allen's way of self expression...working on motors and I would never deny him that pleasure. He lets me play in my craft hobbies and I let him play in grease and motors...fair
Just as a side note...we have had a fairly WARM winter here..just a couple of cold spurts here and there but nothing to write home about...which means the hurricane season should be an active one...GEEZ.
However--I think this year we are a lil bit more set because we have TWO generators we should be able to get through whatever comes our way.
I know I already mentioned about my hunnie now being officially retired from the department of corruption (I mean corrections) so this means in May he qualifies to use his retirement fund...I realize it is the money for our retirement and that is what we have to live off of in our "old" age. HOWEVER--this GREAT retirement broker group takes whatever money you need for home improvement and such and puts it in separate fund and pays your bills on time so that they money still collects interest and you do not worry about the billsand improvements are made...
WELL---I have NO KITCHEN...I have a stove and a refrigerator but NO COUNTER and almost all the cabinets are gone....the guy we bought the house from built the cabinets from cheap press board so of course as soon as any wetness got to them they fell apart...well now there are NONE left.
We also have a nice hole in the roof over our garage..that was done by the hurricane last year...fema said we were not a priority and the insurance company said because at the time we were in foreclosure they were not responsible to fix it-that we were on our we need to get it replaced before the next season starts stirring up. So between now and probably the end of march we have to get estimates for ALL home improvements needed. Then the retirement fund broker moves the money into a separate account and pays for the services as they are how grand is that...they are also putting our mortgage payments into a separate account year to that the mortgage company gets paid by we will not have to worry about that..meanwhile...the rest of money sits in several investments still making money...Allen was in a field in Florida they call high risk...(police and firemen are in the same risk) so he collects retirement based on the highest risk offered which is a percentage that they figure out according to his highest 5 years of service. It is all greek to me but suffice it to say his retirement is SWEET. Now I have money in the retirement fund HOWEVER I was at the lowest risk in the state...UGH!!! So hopefully putting the money into this retirement investment company will turn a huge profit for my
I will definitely be taking pics of the repairs and all of my kitchen once all that gets started...NOTHING will happen before May 6th which is the 90 days needed to be out of the corrections system in order to work with your retirement money.
OKAY....I think I have caught up on all the news fit to print today.


tendernoggle said...

I pray for your boys safety Ellie...and I am so proud of them  too. I too have very little counter space and no kitchen cabinets...It is awful trying to get everything put up somewhere, so I am happy for you!
love ya,

mynamebecj said...

OMG, when did those boys get so grown up?  They are gorgeous!!!!!!  Tall and slendor and so handsome.  Wow!!!!

I have both boys on my prayer list, sure wish all troups would be sent back home and no fear of any others having to go over there.

Love ya,

my78novata said...

Oh honey you are so in my prayers. all that work and yes I have a motor head husband who does body work so I know it my graage HIS garage is a mess and IM cleaning i cant tkae a mess. OH man its fun haivng a hubby who is into that stuff. I bet it is nice tohave a word fromyour sons each nigth so reassureing isnt it. Im so glad. I would love to see yoru rapairs as you get them done and do them. your kitchen how you live like thatis got to drive you nuts. I Hope youg et it all done and hsare it as you do it

csandhollow said...

Insurance companies are a pain in the ..........
Hope you can get it fixed soon!