Saturday, March 3, 2007


Well it is early early morning and I can't seem to fall asleep..
my mind just cannot seem to shut off for a bit...I go through these
phases but it really drives me nuts...
So I thought I would be constructive in some way...and I decided to do
some digital I did two paintings...of my sons...
Let me know what you hand is stiff from all the painting but I least
I was has been a
This is Eric holding up his dog tags
This is AJ in his room in the barracks
Yesterday was pretty nice...I had a fun daughter bought me some
beautiful angel water globe, an angel key chain, and an fuzzy eeyore pez dispenser (yes I collect pez she is just too cute...
I received ALOT of birthday wishes and cards...just WONDERFUL...really lifted my spirits...I needed that...more then I realized.
Of course no one in my family remembered but that is par for the course.
At this point you would think I would be used to that...hmmmm.
It was a pretty laid back day...the kind I like so that made my birthday really nice.
Did you notice that my hello has a xmas bulb in it...but I love housemouse and I thought it would be cute to have a cat and mice on the page....I know I need to go to
Truly not much else to write about....I think my brain is on overtime and it seems I am drawing a I will end this early morning attempt at being funny/cute/informative/
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mynamebecj said...

OMG, I had all these reminders in front of me and I knew your birthday was Friday, I simply forgot that yesterday was Friday.  I am soooooo sorry!!!!!!!!!  Please accept these wishes now, Happy birthday my dear Ellie, you deserve the very best that any birthday ever had to offer, fit for the queen you are!!!!

Photo's are great.  Don't guess I have a clue how to do digital painting, so ya sure got me beat.

Love ya,

my78novata said...

hop eyou had a tbe best birthday. love your photo thingy you worked on the moust is cut even with a bulb in it.
Ihate when I cant sleep

dcmeyer420 said...

Belated Happy Birthday!  The paintings are great. You can pprint those on a canvas and I know the kids would love them. Hope your insomnia will go away so you can get some rest. Hugs to you and your family.