Tuesday, March 6, 2007


One of the solutions that the psychiatrist had for me is to prescribe sleeping pills because my sleep schedule is all screwed up and that also feeds into the depression...so this morning at 6 I took a sleeping pill...(ambien) and usually it puts me out in 3-4 minutes...well as you can see by the time...now it is almost 9 and I am still kicking...GEEZ...now you know just how racy my mind is...I cannot calm it down...warm baths/showers do not help, neither does warm milk, or reading a good book...even the dumb TV programs that are on during the insane hours did not bore me...now that is something to be afraid of....Fox News on satellite has a new program at 2 in the morning called RED EYE....just the most insulting,idiotic show I have ever seen...I watch just to see how bad it can get...HOW DID THOSE FOOLS GET A SHOW! Please if you are up at that unGodly hour..you really show check it out for yourself and let me now what you think.

OKAY---I really did not have much to say really but I went blog hopping over at blog spot where I have a blog...which I will explain to you all in a minute. Well this one lady had nothing new to write about so she decided to write 10 things that you may not know about me.
What a novel idea....so that is what I am going to do here:
What out...you just may be surprised:

1-I went to a private girl's academy when I started school then we moved and I went to a public school for two months..where the teachers said I was beyond my grade level....then was enrolled in a co-ed catholic school until I graduated from 8th grade..then off to an all girl's private high school...then that school closed after my first year...so I was shuffled off to the public high school in my town. TALK ABOUT CONSTANT CULTURE SHOCK!

2-I started to play the piano from the age of 4...and performed at Carnegie Hall in New York in a competition between schools....I was good...played beautiful concertos...to this day love listening to classical music.

3-I used to spend every december and half of january in Puerto Rico with all my family and relatives..I LOVED IT! I used to get my school work ahead of time to do while I was down on the island and by the time I came back I was ahead of all the other kids.

4-I was tested for MENSA...scored 177 I think....but my father did not want me to be apart of their program due to being used as a "TOKEN" minority in his views...which he is probably right.

5-I was a girl scout junior to cadette to senior growing up....NERD CITY...but just love selling those cookies...that made you instantly popular.

6-I sang top soprano in our church choir...only two of us could hit those high notes...and we were just students...not the adults...the church organ lady...Ms Lavine loved us!

7-From the age of 10 until I graduated high school I went to east harlem in NY every other friday to keep my dad's business books...I would pay the bills and bill the dentists for all the lab work my dad did for them the past two weeks...the dentists used to send notes to my dad asking who is the beautiful soft spoken woman in his office that takes care of his billing that has the beautiful handwriting...My dad used to go off and tell them she is only 11 or 12 (whatever I was at the time)and she is my daughter...lol NO ONE BELIEVED IT!

8-I am the only one in my entire family that calls my dad "OLD MAN' my father does not allow anyone else to call him that....he said that name is between him and me....lol I have called him that since I was in high school...he was complaining about aching and I called him an old man and it has stuck ever since.

9-My parents and I always sponsored a host student from another country every year to spend any where from a week to a month to get a taste of the states...best program I was ever involved in. This was during my high school years...Really fun! I also was a sponsored student in a couple of city around the country...had a blast!

10-I have been working in crafts since I was probably 7 years old ...my mom taking my brother and I to lessons in ceramincs, painting and such...and to this day....we are both artists in our own right!

OKAY NOW...I challenge any of you to divulge 10 things about yourself that you do not believe others know about you! If you do this...PLEASE leave me a comment so I can go to your blog and check it out! I DOUBLE DARE YA!



my78novata said...

My ten things would bore you todeath!!!!!!!!! I dont want to kill people with bordome. wow your a singer I always wanted to be able to sing. I lvoe girlscout cookies but hated when my daughters had to sell them lol WOW you played at carnigie how cool .I have no off switch to sleep either nothing works . But todd gives me a bath with bubbles and a BEER that has worked best for me it does  help me get more sleep than I use to. These kids now days they sleep all the time. I mean all the time!!!!!!!! Rachaels boyfriend he cant take it works 4 am to 1 and by 5 he is ready for bed. Im like GOD when I was in my 20s I lived off 2 hours sleep a night. IF that. Todd worked 7 am to midnight 7 days a week and we still partied and we still had fun. AND we still did home chorse and got out. I siad now I get a bit more so dont tell me you cant make it on tha tlittle sleep...........  he goest to bed at 8 and gets up at 3 and he is still tired. I siad heck if I got 6 -7hours sleep I d think I was dead lol

sugarsweet056 said...

TY for your recent visit to my journal. Appreciate the comment.
Have a lovely week.
God Bless,

tendernoggle said...

Do you still play the piano Ellie? I would have loved to have seen you playing!
love ya,

dcmeyer420 said...

Hope your insomnia will go away soon. Wow, Ellie! You are very talented! I too went to private schools (Catholic) forever. I dropped out of one in college. Just got tired of going to church. LOL. Do you have a piano? Would love to see a video of you singing and playing it in one of you post. I know a few guitar chords and I had piano lessons in the dark ages but I have not tried playing either in years. My son is self taught, never had a lesson in his life but he plays the piano, guitar, bass and some drums. I asked him if he wanted lessons but he said, "Why pay for it when I can do it on my own." Hugs.

winivere2002 said...

Hi, Ellie. Thanks for visiting TheGlassBox and leaving the link to your journal. That's a funny cat. LOL... How did you find me? I have been getting some new readers~ or maybe old readers who never leave a comment? I hope you will come back to visit.
Win =.)

mynamebecj said...

Hmmmm, here I thought I knew things about you.  I didn't know most of these tho.  I did know a few, but certainly not all.  Was fun to read this.  I'll put some thought into it and see if I can come up with anything interesting enough to write about to make up a list of ten.  Hey there ya go I got it, I could make them up.  lol  Just kidding.  I'll let ya know if I succeed or not.