Monday, August 13, 2007



Three magical words…. loved by parents but hated by kids….lol. Actually school has been quite an exciting and anxious anticipation in our house…Crystalyn is going into her senior year….OMG…can you say I am so NOT ready for this. It seems with the boys it was so very different…they were glad they were seniors but were not interested in anything that came along with it…except AJ desperately wanted a school ring…we told him that Walmart also offers school rings but he was determined to order the ring at school…he felt he knew better…we told him do not obligate yourself to anything until he spoke with us…WELL TOO LATE (at that time) he did and signed a contract to order a ring that costs over 400 dollars….at the time we did not have that kind of money…so it feel on AJ to fulfill that financial obligation…because we told him to look for the same thing at walmart and he refused. Other then that…Eric did want a year book so that was ok….but all the fan fare they were just not interested in. Well Crystalyn is definitely into it all. Now I have already mentioned the school ring and portraits that we had to do over the summer….well this past Saturday was PACK IS BACK day at her school….a Saturday that is open to seniors to get their schedules, lockers, parking permits, and all the lil things before the other students are offered anything…that is one of the advantages of being a senior…those are the lil perks that Crystalyn is already enjoying….the school population is now between 2000 and 3000 thousand students over what the school can hold….across the highway from the high school is a new red cross service center being built among other types of service offices inside the same building…..well the county found out just how over crowded and insane the situation was at the high school that they have given the building to the high school for at least the next year for half the freshman class to use for some classes…the whole freshman group will have classes there but they are split up during the day…which means 1400 kids will constantly be crossing the insanely busy highway between each class….UNBELIEVEABLE…I am so glad that after this coming year we aredone with the school system here….her high school is only 6 years old at the most….and already they have in the works the building of another high school closer to our area but with the growing population…it will already have portables because it will be crowded. The test scores are WONDERFUL for all our schools…they offer programs that you do not normally find in your usual high schools…they did not CUT programs in our schools…they expanded and added more here….that is why the ratings are high…BUT…the population explosion in this area is just blowing the school system apart.


So school starts on the 20th here….bright and early…Crystalyn at the same time will be going for her driver’s license so that she can drive herself to school…she has been hesitant in taking the permit test and the drug/alcohol class and test that is required here before you become a permanent driver…she freezes on tests…and it is ALL ONLINE…so she has been slowly getting into it. The girl has enough new outfits to last her at least the first half if not also the second half of school….she has her plans set for after graduation with visiting family down south for a few weeks and then she starts college….it is called FULL SAIL….more on them at a later time.

Just as a side note---one wayward son is coming home this Friday…he has some personal stuff to take care of and will be helping his dad put up the wainscoting and such around the house…and I believe he also plans on racing with his best friend at the race track Saturday night….he has been racing for years…he loves it and the two of them are just CRAZY on the dam track….they try to eliminate everyone but each other to see who can beat who…makes me age to watch them. HOWEVER---having him home will be nice—short but super nice! He has been calling every night for the last two or more weeks just counting down the days and trying to figure out how to fit everything in his tight schedule. LOL.

BTW---another side note….we have to pay 80 dollars for a parking permit for Crystalyn to park her own car on high school property (what a rip off) and now we are just waiting for the notice about year books and the cost projected for those…I am keeping a tally because I have the strangest feeling this is going to be a VERY VERY expensive year. Well – right now that is it for news…still fighting the demons but today I just do not want to talk about it….I will just cry and I am trying not to….also—triple digits here (like many places) with the heat index…our AC units cannot even keep up…it has just been miserable….have not slept a total of 10hours in probably 5 days….just cannot get comfortable and the demons are going strong!

Be Back Soon---Remember to HUG those you LOVE—time is short!



my78novata said...

school stared here today. I always homeschooled but love it starting. The neighborhood kids were gone and I had mine all to myself lol

tendernoggle said...

Hi Ellie....good hearing from ya!
yep, these schools rip you off for all that senior stuff...been there, done that.
Dan chose NOt to get a ring...and I wanted him to! lol He doesn't wear any jewelry...
The senior pictures were outrageous in 1993...I can only imagine what they cost now days! lest she will be out of the high school...
love ya,

drb1064 said...

Boy your schooling sounds expensive lol. Glad everything here is free (for my boy anyway) hope your daughter enjoys here year and everything goes according to her plan. Take care.

seraphoflove9001 said... sure does sound like it'll be an expensive school year. It was when my daughter was a senior. Many hugs to you Ellie!