Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Finally--I think I am feeling a bit of that stress pressure of the holidays ease up. We had a very busy wednesday..Just crazy. My hunnie's family was suppose to come up here to go out to a big dinner and then exchange gifts. Well before I get into that...not only was one car broken down on the side of the road now for 5 days or so....and we had no way of getting it home..then my hunnie decided in his infinite wisdom (geez) to drive my van that had been acting up, to go to work last night...YES you guessed it...the van has a blown motor right now and is STUCK at the prison where he works. I told him not to take the van...NOOOO does he listen to me..?

So we are now leaving cars all over the place and have no way of getting them back to our house. Then the family arrives...I have no gifts for my two I am getting more upset because all the plans we made are just sinking quick. My boys came home with my hunnie's mother and sister and her kids. It was WONDERFUL to see my boys...they look fabulous and were a joy to listen to all their stories. I took pics and will post them next time..I have not uploaded them yet.

So the boys and my hunnie ran all over creation to get these two vechicles back to the mother in law was having a bit of a tizzy because she just wanted to go straight to dinner and not have to deal with anything else...well that just aggravated my the mood was not going well. FINALLY all the vechicles arrived and we were off. (3 hours later)

Dinner was GREAT. We ate and ate until we were all over stuffed....great food. My hunnie and our boys had everyone laughing hysterically. It was great and a good time was had by all...including my mother in law.

After dinner we came back to the house and exchanged gifts....that was a blast. We bought our boys tool know the ones that have all the draws and a cabinet and are on wheels and such...they went crazy they were so happy. BTW...while hun and boys went to get the sister in law took my daughter to the store (with my credit card) and I told my daughter to splurge on my nephews and let them pick out what they would like. So my nephews thought they hit the jackpot.

So all is well that ended well. So the visiting company stress is gone...and now we will see what happens. Thursday night... we are taking my parents out to dinner for their christmas present. I have never treated my folks out to a fancy dinner and it is our father is thrilled ...he cannot believe I am picking up the tab. LOL
If you knew my folks you would know that there is NOTHING that they a matter of fact...they are getting ready to take a two week cruise next month..stopping at panama and a few south american countries and then off to mexico and then to California to fly back... so truly they have everything...I think they just want to spend time with family and that is what we are doing. On friday morning they are heading down south to spend christmas with my sister, brother and their that will be a nice treat for everyone.

So now my hunnie and I only have to worry about our daughter...we still have to get her gifts...we already know what we are getting is just a matter of getting to the store and picking it up. My hunnie and I are not exchanging gifts because we wanted to spend our money on our kids...and we are always giving each other things constantly throughout the year...just as long as we are together is good enough for me.

Well I think I have caught you all up...We will see what happens in the next few should be an adventure. ..Here is a lil comic thingie I received and wanted to share:

I don't know why but that cracks me up...LOL
Okay...below is a bit of inspiration that I received also and thought it was great to share....
Have a GREAT thursday!!!!!


Who started Christmas
This morning I heard a story on the radio of a woman who was out Christmas shopping with her two children. After many hours oflooking at row after row of toys and everything else imaginable, and after hours of hearing both her children asking for everything they saw on those many shelves, she finally made it to the elevator with her two kids.
She was feeling what so many of us feel during the holiday season time of year -- overwhelming pressure to go to every party, every house-warming, taste all the holiday food and treats, getting that perfect gift for every single person on our shopping list, making sure we don't forget anyone on our card list, and the pressure of making sure we respond to everyone who sent us a card.
Finally, the elevator doors opened and there was already a crowd in the car. She pushed her way into the car and dragged her two kids in with her and all the bags of stuff. When the doors closed, she couldn't take it anymore and stated, "Whoever started this whole Christmas thing should be found, strung up, and shot."
From the back of the car a quiet, calm voice responded, "Don't worry; we already crucified Him.” For the rest of the trip down the elevator was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.
Don't forget this year to keep the One who started this whole Christmas thing in your every thought, deed, purchase, and word. If we all did it, just think of how different this whole season would be.
Share the real meaning of Christmas with your children, your family, and friends.


barebytes said...

Have a Merry Christmas and may the stress be gone before you know it was here. Hugs LAnny

my78novata said...

ahhhhh but it will soon be over and we will all have that hoilday.......... after burn out and sadness. glad you got your cars home though I know that is some comfort. and I hope and pray you get them fixed soon. Can I go to the store with your credit card???????? LOL Lori

tendernoggle said...

Thank goodness you got your cars home! I know what it is to need a car......right now, we are praying ours wil last a little while longer!
Love the cartoon of Santa with his tongue stuck to the pole!!!hehehe~!