Wednesday, December 1, 2004



To me it seems like the months have just flown by this year. I have no idea where all the days went...sometimes it seems like a blur. Anyway... I had my usual doctor's appointment with the psychiatrist today...BOY he was a very upset person. You know that the man is getting paid BIG BUCKS for his time...but with me he must be making a fortune. First I have not been to see him in a couple of months...First I have had no desire and secondly I felt like I was wasting my time. Well that did not go over smoothly with the doc. He expressed his annoyance and said something about starting over the medication therapy because there is not enough in my for the next couple of weeks maybe a month...I will be doopy me. He saw me for a whole 1 minute.... I think the man got paid $185.00 for that minute.... personally I think he is ripping off the state (because they have to pay for it) but that is crazy.

Anyway...I found myself needing to go because I was tired of feeling edgie and unable to just really relax and deal with things. So hopefully I am back on the road to God only knows what...LOL

Well...the gosh darn meds give me a headache so that is where I am now...BEFORE I FORGET....I wanted to THANK all of you who stop by and read my journal whether or not you leave comments...I really appreciate it. You all are my sounding board and I thank you for your kindness.

Just as a side daughter finally finished the history book she had to do on ancient rome... that kid poured her heart and soul into it and it shows really is EXCELLENT...I am quite impressed. Well I am off to get rid of the headache... it is not too bad but I want to cut it off before it gets that way. I hope you all have an AWESOME tomorrow!!!



coy1234787 said...

    I saw your comment in Monicas journal about 3 Kings Day and it reminded me that last year, I was in San Juan Puerto Rico on the 6th of January, they were celebrating Three Kings Day. This is always 12 day's after Christmas and represents the feast of Epiphany where the 3 Kings visited the Christ Child, bearing gifts. The good kids will receive sweets and toys and the bad ones a lump of coal. The kids line up for miles at the Governors Mansion in Old San Juan to collect their gifts. I'll post photos in January.

                                     *** Coy ***

my78novata said...

ahhhhhh I went to pshcs before. I have very little respect for them. Once I went with my first husband for emotional problems. I was scared and depressed. I had a feeling he was cheating on me!!!!!! YUP!!!!! I was right. Of course he and the psych convinved me I was crazy. FUNNY though the counceling was suppose to be about me and for me. after she brought him in.......  it was like I was in there ten minutes tops and he had all the time nad sometimes it was him. I even saw some evidence that did not seem right. Like a middle button undone on his shirt. He explained the lipstickon his shoulder away..... He leaned to pick up a pencil she dropped and she leaned and her face his his shoulder. It was funny she was always telling him he was mistreated by me. She said I was crazy. I mmagined things. I stopped going. He could nto continue he swears I was getting better and I needed it. You see if I did not go there was no reason for him to continue!!!!! He was mad I mean I got my usual abuse. Cussed and slapped a few times. I did catch him with a teen girl at something one time. There was other times. Then the final blow when I was pg with my second and he was with the company  home wrecker. My dad caught them. He thought SHE was a man!!!!!!! he came home told me my ex was seeing a man!!!!!! In the embrace he asaw them in the woman looked like a guy. Boy I nearly fainted. Come to find out others Saw my ex many times. But I was nuts!!!!!! Hope you get over that head ache. They can be boogers this time of year.

barebytes said...

Isn't it crazy what doctors get paid for nowadays? I've been known to blow up at mine fopr making me wait too long. hehehe He doesn't make me wait too long anymore hahaha Hope you get to feeling less, edgy and enjoy the holidays, Hugs Lanny

bernmilo said...

Crazy aint it!

derasta said...

It's amazing what doctors get paid...and they take all of 2 minutes with you in the spend all your time in the waiting room as if your time means nothing at all...such a shame.

onestrangecat said...

what doctors get paid is nothing compared to the price of the meds they want us to take.

This year has flown for me also.


dcmeyer420 said...

Hey, with the money you are paying him, he did not have the right to get upset with you! Psychiatrists are suppose to be supportive and understanding. They are suppose to motivate you to make a change in your life positively not by cultivating an adversarial relationship with you.  Do you like this shrink enough to continue seeing him? If not, vote with your pocketbook and your feet. Maybe it is a personality conflict. Thanks for visiting my J too.  

sonensmilinmon said...

I won't say anything about what doctors get paid, I've worked for the insurance companies that pay them and I've worked for the doctors in accounting and it's not as much as some people perceive.  With that said, I do hope your feeling much better.


katmoscow said...

I know what you mean about this year flying by. Tell your daughter I said congradulations!!!
Lots of LOve & Laughter with Vhrist,