Tuesday, November 30, 2004







What a GRAND surprise I received yesterday. Lately it has been a bit edgie around here. Not at anything in particular, just trying to get too many things done and not enough time nor energy. I think my hunnie is stressed to the hilt (actually I know he is) because he has had to take on everything I can no longer do. WOW - THAT IS LOVE!!! He is not the type to complain. He just goes with the flow..but things at work are getting hectic and I think it is all starting to pile up on him now. For awhile now I have let him do his own thing...not that he would ever follow a honey-do-list but he has been working on cars and motors and wheeling and dealing and I have let him go at it. I know that working on cars and tearing apart motors is his stress outlet. So I have just let it go. Well obviously he has noticed that life is not as bouncie around here because I am keeping to myself and trying to stay out of his way. So I needed some ink for my printer yesterday and he decided to go to the stores. He took our daughter with him since she also needed a few things to finish up her project.

WELL...I was in for a shock of a lifetime. When they arrived home they came in with loads of bags of goodies. I thought Xmas had arrived early. My hunnie went out and spent WAY too much money on ME. Yes ME. He bought me all kinds of mirrors and glass paints and all new tools so that I can start making stained glass mirrors. I am SO EXCITED.  He bought me enough paints and all to last me quite a while. Well if that was not enough he also bought me a new sticker machine. These machine have been around for a bit. I have the first one that came out...well this one not only makes anything a sticker...but also laminates, makes magnets and such. I am in HEAVEN. I asked him why all the COOL stuff and he said I just want you to be happy and being creative does that. So now you have plenty to be both.WOWOWOWOW...now how BLESSED am I?

I guess he has noticed that I have not pushed him or anything and decided to make it up to me. WOW... I am just way too surprised and thrilled. Our daughter could not stop smiling and she kept asking me if I am happy...and saying "oh mom..we have so much to create now" GOD I JUST LOVE THEM!!!

So as you can see...I had a marvelous  monday... and now the projects are flying through my mind and I am already thinking of more mirrors...lol

I must go and start something...I am itching to be creative. You all have a FABULOUS tuesday!!!



barebytes said...

Love knows without being told. I'm glad your marriage has found that out. Have a great day creating. Big hugs, Lanny

my78novata said...

WOW yours sounds like mine. Mine is a body man and he repaints our cars and tinkers in his garage too. YOU certianlly got a nice gift. HOpe you will be posting pics of your creations. Lori

derasta said...

My husband is the same way, he will take the world on his shoulders and never complain...he's an angel

csandhollow said...

So sweet!

tendernoggle said...

I hope you have a wonderful time creating beautiful things!!!! PLease let us see some of them!!!

katmoscow said...

Your husband sounds like an angel from heaven. I'm so thankful to our Lord that
your husband is taking such good care of you as you are of him. Men definately need their space at times. Can't wait to see your creations!!!!
You're all in our prayers.
Lots of Love & Laughter with Christ,

dcmeyer420 said...

I do the faux stained glass windows. I use old windows and tubes of stained glass paint.  They are not the real thing but they are pretty when done. Have fun with your creations and please post pictures of them when they are done. I bet they will be wonderful!

dcmeyer420 said...

Oh, just in case you want to check out my journal. I have two teenagers and I brag about them all the time.

coy1234787 said...

Now theres a man that knows how to get to his girls heart. Yes you are blessed.

                                                  *** Coy ***