Saturday, November 27, 2004








First...our THANKSGIVING was absolutely wonderful. So very peaceful and the rib feast was a GRAND success. My hunnie cooked it all along with our that is another thing I am so VERY THANKFUL for... They really did a great job! many of you actually joined in on the crazed BLACK FRIDAY! All that pushing, shoving, fighting, pulling hair, kicking, God I hope I did not really hurt anyone...LOL...JUST KIDDING!!! You all know me better then that...If I cannot do normal crowds you know I did not even attempt to go anywhere. My hunnie took our daughter to the stores to check out some deals...they really did good...of course hunnie had to spoil the kid again.

They went to one store and found a SUPER deal on biker leather jackets...we are a HUGE BIKER FAMILY so of course this caught my hunnie's attention. He got the child a biker jacket...I am so looks grand on her.. He also bought her a new cd/mp3 player. what is left for christmas...he said he could not resist. GEEZ!!!

After two stores, they called to tell me the crowds were just too overwhelming and they were going to go out to lunch and then come home. I am glad they got to spend some great time together. I think they really are forming quite the bond... Just what I was hoping for.  We heard from one son... I think he really missed having thanksgiving here...he said he is going to go out of his way no matter what to make it here for christmas... he wants to wake up here christmas morning and do the family thing. Too Cute!!! The other son called today... he is just doing his own thing and working on trucks... that is typical.

Of course I am doing the football thing this weekend...there are not too many weeks left to myfavorite I am trying to take it all in. I can never get enough football!!! I am off to go make some graphics I need for a website...I hope you all have a fun saturday!!!



barebytes said...

I passed on the Black Friday as always hahaha went to the movies instead. then watched my fair share of football like you. Hugs Lanny

tendernoggle said...

you have avery sweet hunny and also your daughters, for cooking for you like that!!!!no....i worked on friday, did not  get to go!!!!

sonensmilinmon said...

Why is it Football season is so short?  I mean consider baseball and basketball, they seem to go on FOREVER, at least as far as I'm concerned.  As for Black Friday, we stayed FAR away from stores, malls and such.  We were one with nature and waterfalls. :-)


derasta said...

I did not go shopping on Black Friday...that's my least favorite thing to do is fight crowds and stand in long lines!

bernmilo said...

There is no way i was gonna even attempt it..been there done that!
Thats really nice that hubby tackeled the crowds wish mine would be that brave!

my78novata said...

WELLL I did thes tupid no brain cells friday thing. Had not done it in years. LIKE seven. DOyou know that it was crazier than ever. THe girls said they dont even want to do taht again. Nothing on sale we wanted anyway. Like at walmart you would think the winter coats would be on sale. NOOOOOOOOOOO Man that would be a big ticket item. GEE WHIZ!!!!!!!!!  no clothing there. at other stores they were but not wally world. The biker jackets sound nice. Take pics of that to share with us. Maybe I can go shopping with your hubby and he will spoilme LOL I d love tohave some gifts !!!!!!! NOT Like I need them AH HA HA HA!!!!!!!! boy I m kind of glad the thanksgiving rush is over and done with. NOW On with the rest of the season. Lori

Jeff Smith said...

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