Monday, November 22, 2004







YES YES YES...saturday with great aniticipation...we waited for the BIG florida rivalry game to begin..the game started at 7:45 in the evening...all the pre game analysis only made tensions grow...but finally the game started. Now in our can definitely tell that that two teams are followed..the gators and the hunnie and one son love the seminoles...and one son, daughter and of course myself are all for the gators...we have ALL sorts of memorablia from the two teams all over the house.... we are so "obsessed" that we even named our cats..seminole and gator. Of course this is done in fun...and it makes for a GREAT family activity..

Now the point is that whoever wins the BIG game has bragging rights for a YEAR...yes a year. If we were going for a national championship...then there would be a bet of some dinner somewhere, somethiing of that sort.

Drumroll PLEASE.............




GATORS won...........20-13

This was a truly nail biting, scream at the t.v. exciting night of football.... Of course hunnie is already tired of hearing it ...but if it was the other way around..he would be calling me from work every hour to rub it in...I did no such thing.     YET

Okay...with Thanksgiving around the is a lil pic from me to you


Have a GREAT monday!!!



tendernoggle said...

awwww..that's cute; naming the kitties for them!!!lol

barebytes said...

We have the same thing here with our Apple cup which pits the U of Washington against Washington state U. It's kind of a west meets east with bragging rights going to the side of the state that wins. Well, we lost this year, the first time in 16 years, so I guess it's about time they have a shot. hehehe Happy turkey day to you and yours. Family time is a great time. Hugs Lanny

gatorspictures said...

OH YEAH WE DID WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The STREAK stopped
ok i'm being a bad winner...sorry...
but....WE WHIPPED NUMBER 8!!!! oh yeah!!!