Tuesday, November 9, 2004


WOW...it is early tuesday morning and the time has just flown by before my eyes-sort of speak. I slept the entire weekend...that flu is really trying to bring me down. I have no idea why I have been fighting it for what seems forever at this point...but I could do nothing to stay awake...You know it has got to be bad for me to miss every single football game. I know my gators won (yea yea yea-::jumping up and down::) but I did not get to see it. Mind you I am still exhausted. It seems that no matter what I do I cannot get enough sleep. It is driving me crazy. I think my body has given into all the medications I take and the effects, after all this time are finally hitting me. GEEEEZ!!

Okay..now..my daughter has had TWO official days of school and is in HEAVEN. Along with some basic classes, she is taking two art classes so she thinks she has won the lottery. She has been designing her own clothes and jewelry for a few years now so that just fit right into her life. She has met up with some old friends-so she is a HAPPY CAMPER...of course they have tons of gossip and news to catch up on. She is still getting used to the size of the school which is enormous. But is enjoying the fact that she is in high school and feels like a big shot. Just too cute. I even bought her some simple plain make up so that she would not sneak behind our backs and make herself look like a "clown". She thinks now I am the BEST mom in the universe because I did that...and her dad even agreed (shock of my life) because the stuff is plain but nice.

Today believe it or not...her dad bought her a LARGE teddy bear....the thing stands about 3-3 1/2 feet tall. It is as soft as cotton...he named it Clyde. It was a CONGRATS kind of gift for hanging tough getting into high school and for all the hard work she did in home school. She is IN LOVE!!! The darn thing is in bed with her and has it's own pillows and shares a comforter. Just too gosh darn cute. She has collected teddies (among other things) since she can remember...so this teddy just made the hit parade of her collection. She even made a comment on how it has a bigger head then her rottie (THOR) and that she cannot believe. LOL.

NOW...the big step today is that I finally mustered up some courage and strength and asked my hunnie to take me out... he just about had a heart attack. I have not been out of this house since August when hurricane Charley hit. I just wanted to do something nice for him. So I took my hunnie out to breakfast. WOW...and did we eat...it was great!!!! Of course being out made me truly nervous...but I held it together really well. We went window shopping and decided that on wednesday (which is half day at school here) we would pick up the kid from school and go to a huge arts and crafts store that we spotted. So of course the kid and I are going to have a blast spending money in there...LOL

After breakfast, and going to the bank, and window shopping, we had to stop at the grocery store and pick up a few things...that is where hunnie spotted the teddy. I even managed to sneak in some snacks for the kid that she likes for afterschool. The dogs freaked when we got home because they have never seen me outside of the house, especially near a car..coming or going. All you could hear was howling...now just imagine 4 large rotties 3 puppie rotties and 8 1 month pups all howling....it was deafening. I bet the neighbors love us tho...LOL

Okay...Since I missed saying anything last week about the elections...here is my lil dedication to it....

From this   to this

LOLOLOLOLOL...I just had to do it!!!!

You all have a GRAND tuesday!!!


readmereadyou said...

Love all of the graphics. I think you're still overdoing it but I'm a perpetual worry wart. Get rest.

God bless,

derasta said...

I love that first graphic you have....very cute!


bernmilo said...

ohh man hope you feel better...i just went through that a week or so ago...know what your going through! Congrats to your daughter i bet she is so excited....! Glad you got some time alone with your hunny!

sonensmilinmon said...

Hey, I just CLEANED my desk!!! I resemble that remark of having a messy desk!