Friday, November 5, 2004








FINALLY....between computers and phone calls and a wonderful registrar at the high school, my daughter is officially in Public High School. 

Today is her first day!!!
She is soooo excited that she barely got any sleep. She is very excited about seeing all her friends there and trying out a new life. I am thrilled for her....but of course my heart is breaking. The joy I saw in her eyes is something I will remember for a very long time. She is just coming into the second quarter so the registrar said she really has not much to catch up on and has arranged for her to have a tour of the school today and get her ID and text books  and so on. I will sit here and wait for her to come home and tell me  all about her GREAT day!!!...I will post a pic  of her with her new outfit as soon as I upload it. So now I will have to find ways to occupy my time because I was spending my day homeschooling...NOW what??? Well let me go see what kind of trouble I can get into. Have an AWESOME friday!!!



bernmilo said...

very cool how exciting!

derasta said...

I'm so glad your daughter was excited to start high school...keep us posted on hows she's doing

sonensmilinmon said...

How very exciting for your daughter, I hope it all continues to go well for her.


my78novata said...

Hello I came via another journal. I homeschool my 16 year old daughter. My 23 year old graduated from homeschooling and is going to college and teaches full time in a private preschool. Theyboth plan on homeschooling thier own children. My 16 year old baby sits two special needs children one who has grand maul siezures. She is very active in helping them along. Both also visit the elderly in the nursing home and our elderly family members. We love old cars and muscle cars and hubby paints them for a living. You can check out our pics of them and us on my journals other links. We have three dogs and I foster some as you can see in the entries in Oct and Two cats one who is huge!!!!!! big as  a dog. We have some gold fish too. Im sure it is hard for you to letyour baby go to public school. My homeschool group has a graduation for the kids and they have a formal ball and games and field trips and field days and all kinds of functions just like public school. They have many activities to be involved in. My daughters both take karate too. Piano and drums also. Tracy the oldest just finished making a cd for her grandpa. We grind our own wheat and do hebraeic dance also. I love reading about other journals who have happy marriages like yours. So many seem to have it so bad. Makes me thankful and greatful for mine. Lori