Friday, November 19, 2004





It feels great to have the weekend here. Hopefully all will go smoothly now...My daughter had been home for two days from school because of a stomach virus ..I was getting a bit worried there...but today she woke up in grand fashion and could not wait to get to school.  When she came home she had a MARVELOUS surprise for us...a progress report...this is sent out half way through the quarter/semester to let you know where your child stands in each class. Well she came home with 6 A's and 1 C...the C is in algebra. Math was never her strong suit but I am happy with it because at least she is not failing that class. If she remains with her grades as such ... she will make honor roll...of course you know what that means...LOTS of celebrating on this end.

I am so HAPPY for her...she is flying on cloud nine

Now I must tell you about her dog THOR...his nickname is horsehead because his head is HUGE...he knocks people over with it...that dog responds to her and her only. God help anyone who tries to get to her...they will be missing some limbs. One time Thor got loose..(which is not a good thing) and took off down the road...(hunting himself a girlfriend) well Crystalyn caught up with him but had no leash to bring him back...he is a monster to control without a leash..he has been known to drag people. Well a man came by and approached my daughter tooooo quickly trying to give a cellphone to call us to bring her a leash and the dog lunged at him. The dog did not touch him because Crystalyn had him held but that man swore to my hunnie that the dog would not allow anyone near my daughter to help her or anything...
But that is not the story I wanted to tell you...earlier this week...Crystalyn went to bring the dogs in from outside...they played for a while...and of course her dog has to be stubborn..he likes her to chase is a nightly ritual..well this time he was sneaking slowly up to her and in the dark could not really see what was she went inside the door and THOR jumped on her when she turned around with a MASSIVELY HUGE rat hanging out of his mouth. He brought a gift home for her. All I heard was screaming...she came running into the puter room and shut the door going crazy that the dog brought a rat in...all I could do was laugh       I know that is terrible but that dog was jumping on the door to the puter room with the darn rat in his mouth wanting to give it to my daughter..
NOW...of course the rat was dead...probably died of shock when it saw the huge horse head going after my daughter had to try and get the rat away from her dog to go throw it away in the garbage cans outside. That was a site to see...That dog teased my daughter with the rat for what seemed a good half hour. I just sat and laughed my tushie off was a show I would pay to see. is THOR when she first got him..

This is THOR now!!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend all!!!



barebytes said...

Thanks for sharing your friday news with us. Grades are oh so important. Hugs Lanny

csandhollow said...

I just had to laugh! My entry today had a rat in it too! Not like yours though! I would have loved to have seen that.

derasta said...

I so enjoyed seeing pics of your daughters dog Thor...he is a beauty!! Thanks for sharing those pictures

onestrangecat said...

Thor was such a cute puppy.  And such a handsome dog now.  Love the pics.


bernmilo said...

Congrats to your daughter wow that is awesome grades and you should be proud....that dog is huge.....When i first met my hunny he had ahuge Rot and it was so scary, one night i slept over at his place and i was always scared of the dog, well i woke up and the big huge thing was laying right next to me, i was afraid to he was very very protective over the kids too.....Great pics

barbpinion said...

Terrific journal. I'll  be back. And thanks for stopping my "A Little Bit Of Heaven"

tendernoggle said... proud for you and of your daughter!!! LOL...laughing my self too at the thouhght of your daughter running  from thor!!!!  He just wanted to give her a prize for her good grades!!!! lol

sonensmilinmon said...

What a WONDERFUL report for your daughter!  YEAH! :-)

Thor is such a goodlooking boy.  We have Toby who is only 7 months old and DRAGS us ... we really are trying to train him to WALK.  So difficult.


plieck30 said...

Good for your daughter. I can understand trouble with algerbra. Paula