Wednesday, November 17, 2004



I know that I tend to disappear for a time but when I get so overwhelmed by my health it is the only thing I can do ...I have to keep to myself and regroup sort of speak. The pain just gets too intense to deal with anything else. That is what makes me such a home body... I am able to sit here and write a few lines and just chit chat.  I have been trying to rest...To be honest I am thrilled that my live in company has not been around for a few weeks now. I just CANNOT deal with her garbage and not having that stress has been wonderful. So- believe it or not-I tend to "heal" faster. I love my nephew..there is no doubt about that. His mother tho needs some professional help...she uses that poor child as an excuse and to get her way and to manipulate people. It is really getting old. My hunnie is fixing to take her things and put them out in the garbage. All of her things are here. Her stuff is sprawled over three rooms and the garage. She has made no effort to get any of it...but she will be sorry when it is all gone. He has no more patience to deal with her. I do not blame him.

Well...outside of father decided to inform me that he and my mother are probably going to move to Naples (south florida) near my brother and sister. Normally you would think that this is grand...but truly it is not. My father thinks that he fits inside their lives. But both my brother and sister do not have the time for my folks because their lives are sooooo busy. So the novelty of my parents being down there will wear off after a couple of weeks and then they will forget about my folks. I am not trying to toot my own horn but I am the kid who has been there for my folks 24/7. My dad has Lupus and my mom has the onset of I am constantly checking in on them and helping them with everyday life. My siblings cannot even remember my folks on days like birthdays and mother's or father's day. It is sad. I am really scared for my folks. They really will not have a support system down mom already gets very disallussioned as to her where abouts and being in a new area will only make things worse. My father puts alot of faith into my siblings being there and makes TONS of excuses for them when they forget or say something rude. But if I miss calling them somepart during the father goes off. GO FIGURE!!!


My dad and I also spoke about my daughter and her turning 15 and this state allowing 15 year olds to get their license...geeez!!! Well now he wants to look around for a car for her before he moves..LORD have mercy...that man spoils the life out of her. He tries to claim that he does not because I would not allow him but he is full of hot air. He said the house they are getting down south has two bedrooms and of course one is for her. That is why he is getting her a car so that she can drive down there and spend the summers with him. Now I have heard it all. I was not allowed to have a car to myself until I was in my last year of college. I keep trying to remind him that I was born first but he said he is done with me...LOL.

Well I am going back to lay down before my legs start throbbing again and the coughing gives me a headache. Have a GRAND thursday!!!



barebytes said...

I know all about that feeling like not being here. I've been like that for a few weeks now and it's not going away any faster. Just get well and fast. no worries. Hugs Lanny

katmoscow said...

I think evryone tends to disappear for awhile (ill or not). We all need our space. I can understand your stress about your parents it's a biggy. As far as not contacting your Dad for a day and you hear about - that's probably because it's out of the ordinary for you. He's use to your siblings doing that but not you. As always my prayers are with you.

bernmilo said...

awee man so sorry you havent been feeling hope things ease up a little....

csandhollow said...

Welcome back. 15 year olds do not need cars. That is what I think. Healing is so much easier and faster without stress!

onestrangecat said...

Here kids can start driving at 15 but it takes almost a year before they can drive without an adult in the car.  

Glad your back.