Wednesday, December 8, 2004






Time is just moving too quick for me...I am trying to play catch up but that ain't happening right now..I came down with a stomach virus that started late last night and a fever to go with it...I still am hurting but..I wanted to check in with one and all to say hi..and spread a lil christmas cheer. 

The only GREAT thing that has happened is that a package I have been waiting for showed up finally today. It has 13 large trolls in it. These are the soft body trolls from the Russ company. They stand about a foot tall each..and have the cutest outfits. I ordered them for my daughter...she just about flipped out when she saw them when she got home from school. My daughter has collected trolls since she could recognize what they were around the age of 2..(believe it or not) she saw them in the store and wanted one...well one lead to two and so on and so forth and history was made...she must have about 150 trolls in her collection. The smallest are on a pair of earrings that are about 1/4 of an the largest which is a bed pillow and that is about 3 1/2 feet. She LOVES I thought since we have not found any in quite a long time...and I found them online...I would get them for her. I am still expecting another box of trolls for her but different types.

Okay.....I admit it fully....I spoil the child rotten...but she does so much for others...never THINKS of I have to think for her in that respect.


Below is a lil type of poem that I hope you all enjoy... I have had it for a long time...and still enjoy reading it. Have a GREAT thursday!!!!

The ABC's of Christmas

A is for Angel, on top of the tree,
B is for Bell, ringing merrily.
C is for Candy, a real Christmas treat,
D is for Decorations, that can't be beat.
E is for Elf, who helps Santa, it's true,
F is for Fun, and Festive too!
G is for God, who sent down His Son,
H is for Home, where our fun's just begun!
I is for Icicle, hanging from the roof,
J is for Joy, and that is the truth.
K is for Kris Kringle, who comes on Christmas eve,
L is for Love, in this we believe.
M is for Manger, where the Christ child lay,
N is for Noel, we sing on Christmas Day.
O is for O Holy Night, when Jesus was born,
P is for Peace, for all on Christmas Morn.
Q is for Quest, of the Wisemen that night,
R is for Rudolph, whose nose is so bright!
S is for Snow, which falls to the ground,
T is for Tree, where gifts can be found.
U is for Unselfish, which is what we should be,
V is for Visit, from Santa, to you and me.
W is for World, let peace be found here,
X is "X"cited, as Christmas draws near.
Y is for Yuletide, being happy and gay, and,
Z is for Zoom, as Santa flies away!

So here are the ABC's of Christmas for you,
I hope you enjy them the whole year through!




my78novata said...

WOW I wish some of my gifts would show up or get to the people I sent them> A week and half ago. MAN!!!!!!!!! I hate the mail lately. I have two packages out!!!!!!!! and one a friend has not recieve.d Lori

derasta said...

I just got over the stomach bug and I got it twice in a week I think because it went away and then sort of came back. Hope you feel better soon!

katmoscow said...

I had that stomach bug with fever for 5 long days YUCK!!!!!
LOved the poem!!!!!

bernmilo said...

cool i used to collect trolls, but then they got so hard to find...and ya know i wonder where that box with all of hem in there u got me on a mission!

barebytes said...

Thanks you for those ABC's, I'd never heard of them before. Hugs Lanny

boiseladie said...

Cute poem!  And, I don't think you can spoil kids!  I do believe kids need to have manners and respect for others, but you can never spoil them.  Spoil is loving them!

dcmeyer420 said...

Get well soon! You are a great Mom. Enjoy her and spoil her while you can, children grow so fast.

sonensmilinmon said...

Your daughter sounds wonderful and deserving of some motherly spoiling! :-)  I can't say that about all children.  

I never heard that ABC's of Christmas before, I enjoyed that.