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To me it seems like time is just flying by way too fast. I cannot seem to get myself organize enough to finish one project.  But on the brighter side- I have actually woken up without the joints hurting so much. It feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders...what a wonderful start to another day. I think I can actually sit at my puter today and get some projects done because I need to catch up now.

Unfortunately my daughter has caught the nasty flu going around. My heart goes out to her...she is trying to get some more school projects done and between her coughing and sore throat and being so tired...she cannot get it together.

I definitely need to do my cards this weekend...Otherwise those will never get done at the pace I am going. I am making my own this year. Should be interesting what I come up with I think. Believe it or not...the weather has cooled abit in the lovely sunshine state. I can't believe I actually had to wrap in a comforter for the entire night..that was a nice relief. I sleep better in cooler weather for some reason.

I have been sitting here trying to figure out what else to write I just cannot seem to get the words together. I am drawing a complete blank. So I found this cute story which of course involves the sunshine state ever so I thought I would share it...the message behind it is so very true and should be an eye opener for some people.

A Language of Their Own                                    Story Editor:
by Aliza Garofalo                                       Joyce Schowalter
New York, USA

My 8-year-old daughter Briana and I try to visit my mother in Florida
every summer for at least a week -- even though it's hotter there than
where we live in New York. That's where we were in August of 2004.

My mom's condo has a huge pool framed with palm trees on the
Intracoastal waterway, so of course there are always a few children
splashing around in it. Briana always looks forward to making new
friends down at the pool while we are there.

The first day we were there, Briana and I walked to the pool hand in
hand. I picked a lounge chair that had a full view of the pool and sat
myself down to read a magazine and sun myself. I watched out of the
corner of my eye as Briana, an excellent swimmer, swam around by

Then at one point, I looked up and saw her gesturing to another little
girl around her age. As they played together in the pool, diving under
the water and laughing, I saw them gesturing to each other again and
again. I assumed the girl was deaf.

Soon the girl offered a bag of potato chips for Briana to share.  Briana
then motioned to her to follow her to the drinking fountain. The whole
afternoon was spent with the two girls gesturing and laughing together.

Even though other families had come to the pool with children near 8
years of age, the other kids had all stayed in the shallow end. Because
Briana's new friend was also a very good swimmer, they were able to swim
together from one end of the pool to the other.

I smiled to myself that my daughter always found it so easy to make
friends, no matter where we were or what the circumstances. They played
with each other and with the girl's brother all afternoon in the hot
Florida sun.

When the sun began to set families began to leave the pool area. As we
got ready to go and Briana was drying off, I asked her if the girl was,
in fact, deaf. She replied "No," the girl was on vacation from Russia
and didn't speak any English.

The two girls played together the whole week we were there, laughing and
gesturing and making themselves understood. I was so proud of my
daughter, and thought how the world of adults might imitate their
example. Instead of letting a little thing like language keep them from
making a friend, Briana and this girl enjoyed a week together by making
up a "language" they could both understand.

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend...snuggle up to someone you LOVE....


my78novata said...

I feel like I cant get caught up either. I feel just like you IN fact I m way behind today and its Rachaels ball and our company party. Lori

derasta said...

I always end up doing my things last minute...and when you want everything to be perfect you end up running around like crazy...I have to better organize myself...I say that every year!

dcmeyer420 said...

That is suppose to be the way your mind and body tells you to slow down. You get fuzzy and just want to laze around. Hope you found time to recharge your batteries. December is always a hectic month. I like the story about the two girls who transcended the language barrier. It is heartwarming and just the lesson a lot of adults can learn from children.

sonensmilinmon said...

Every year I say I will be more organized for the holidays, every year, I'm rushing around at the last minute wanting perfection and you know how hard that is when you wait! Grrrrr.  I hope you slow down and rest a bit!  


bernmilo said...

you take care of yourself and that girly, hope you feel better!

cneinhorn said...

I've been very last minute and un-organized lately...and staying on the computer is not helping matters any! ;-)  ~JerseyGirl  

plieck30 said...

Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it. Paula