Tuesday, September 19, 2006


WOW...the big 17. I am so amazed that 17 years have come by and the beautiful life that I have had the pleasure of Sharing, Knowing, Guiding, LOVING, has grown up.
It truly amazes me how much time flies and so very quickly. More quickly then I am ready to admit.
I remember the day she and her twin was born..at 4:45 am..first fraternal twins born at Arnold Palmer Hospital. She weighed a whole 2 pounds...and was three months early.
I was so scared...motherhood is wonderful however having premmies brings on new challenges and lots of worries.
She has been a fighter since the very beginning. Strong willed...love to laugh, and refused to be around children her own age...always preferred hanging out with older children..and was able to keep up.
First day of Pre-K....she started a riot...yes I got a phone call at work from director telling me that Crystalyn did want her and her classmates to play on the baby playground...so she led them to the older kids playground...she took charge...the school wanted me to know so that I would understand when Crystalyn explained her story to me. Crystalyn's reasoning was her and her friends were not babies...and that is that.
I never knew so much LOVE & JOY could come from having a child.
Her sense of humor and spunk for life and creative thinking amaze me...and her compassion for others makes her heart bigger then most adults I know.
My pride in her grows daily as does of course my LOVE..if that is at all possible.
She has strong convictions and will fight tooth and nail for her family and friends and those that she cares about.
She has a massive soft spot for animals..and speaks her mind no matter what the circumstances or consequences.
I am very proud to say she is my daughter..and tho she is spreading those beautiful wings of hers and trying to claim that total independence...I would not trade a second of it. I really love the disagreements and conflicts...because I think we both grow from them and they only bring us closer together.
So I wanted to THANK my beautiful baby girl for the most EXCITING and LOVING 17 years a mother could ever ask for.
Now...I wanted to share some interesting pics...I warned my daughter I would do this...she thinks it is hysterical...so here it goes:
This is her first professional picture taken at Walmart when she was 10 months old. She was still on a heart monitor and the photographer did not want to take any pics of her because of all the wires...but her godmother stepped in and had a fit and removed the wires and all and said to take them and we would not hold them responsible for anything going wrong...I remember that big ruckus..but the pics were taken...and that is one of my favorites.
NOW...here is she...looking older then 17, thinking she is 40 something..and full of life and spitfire.
All my dreams fulfilled in one beautiful package.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl
I Always Wish You Enough...!!!


my78novata said...

happy birthday to your sweety. my baby is 18 imiss the baby days

onestrangecat said...

17! happy birthday!!!!!
great story about the baby picture!


dcmeyer420 said...

Happy Birthday, Crystalyn!  

wfhbear said...

This is a great entry and a great tribute to you as a Mom and to your Daughter. Keep it up!! Regards, Bill.