Sunday, September 17, 2006


Now this has been a weekend of least for me...I am just a big kids have grown up so fast that I am finding it hard to keep up and relax.
Let me explain.
First my son Eric is here visiting for a bit. At least until Tuesday!!!
Here is the cutie:
First the boy lost about 70 pounds...because he is getting ready to go into the army. For a bit there he was seriously thinking the marines...but he has finally decided on the army. Now he was suppose to go in on September 11th. However one of his medical tests came back with high they had to do a glucose tolerance test (something like that). Diabetes runs on my hunnie's side of the once those tests are back and everything is ok...(I know they will be) he will be receiving his report in date. Now he has decided that he would love to be an MP (military police). More power to him. He is either going to do his basic in South Carolina and then his MOS training in Oklahoma or do it all in Oklahoma..we do not know yet.
It does sadden my heart that he is going in...I guess because the army already has one of my boys...they do not need both..but that is the path they have chosen so I am trying to just relax about it.
So this is his "good bye" visit here. He has been helping his dad fix some motors and cut the grass and stuffies like that...he also wants to stay until Tuesday which is his sister's birthday. Which is the other bit of news. My baby...the only one left at home is turning 17. GEEZ...I feel old.
Here she is:
So now she is of the mind set that she is beyond the parental has been quite interesting but I guess I was no better growing up.
So far this school year has been overwhelming for her...she is trying to find a groove but with all the garbage that goes on she is quickly becoming discouraged with school. Now that worries me..but I am hoping that after the first quarter, things will smooth out.
I can remember her being born three months early with her twin Joshua..and she fit in my so small yet even then she was a fighter and feisty. I knew then that she would be strong willed and very opinionated..boy was I right..LOL.
My other son AJ just moved into his own apartment and sounds so happy. I am glad. He is loving his new found freedom away from relatives and such...but I still hear from him often.
OKAY...I want to THANK YOU ALL for the comments about moving and your suggestions...please continue to leave ideas and suggestions about it...I am still weighing the pros and cons...nothing is written in stone and it will not be anything soon..but I so need to hear what others might think as far as places to check out and such. It really helps me focus.
Well I want to get this uploaded before too much more time goes by...and I forget..
I wish you enough----


boiseladie said...

Kids!  Ours are about the same ages, my baby is 17, going on 40!  Sounds like you've done a great job raising them.

my78novata said...

ah dont cha just love the after teen years. From 16 or 17 on I hate it

rosas831 said...


tendernoggle said...

Hi Ellie!
I am proud of your sons for choosing to enrih their lives and defend our country through the armed forces! I have four brothers and they all were in the army at the same time one gettin out as the others entered, etc.
Your daughter is soooooo pretty!!!
Are yall still thinking about moving? How about Nevada??Isn't that suppose to be a dry state with little damp or mold? Just thinking out loud! lol
Hope your day goes good!
love ya,

onestrangecat said...

wow another entry!  lol
you have done a great job raising your kids.


dcmeyer420 said...

Your kids are beautiful. Tell me about raising girls! I have a 20 year old and she's still sassy and opinionated.

mynamebecj said...

OMG, when did Eric go from being a big ole cuddly teddy bear that was cute as could be to being so darn handsome.  I would never have known him if you didn't say who that is in the photo.  He always looked great but the weight loss fits him well.  Congrats to him for having the desire to join the armed forces, whatever branch it is.  Hey maybe he will end up at Ft. Lewis, then he can spend his weekend furloughs up here with us. *smile*
I want you to lock Crystalyn up in a closest and throw away the key.  She is too pretty to be let out into the world.  She looks sooooooooo much like her mama and every bit as beautiful.  I can't believe these kids are all so grown up, where on earth has the time gone to?
When telling you about various states, I forgot to mention that I mail about 10 boxes of Alegra a year to my sister and her son both for their allergy problems in Arkansas.  Not sure if you have the alergy problems, but would think the humidity and pollen there would not be a good mix for your breathing problems.
I agree with what another said, seems like Nevada might be good place.  I know pappy never complains about the heat, the cold, the humidity or any kind of alergy problems.  He lives in Vegas.
Glad you posted the photos great to see the youngsters.
Love ya twin,

wfhbear said...

Nice entry about your Kids. They both appear to be well adjusted and know what they want to do. You appear to me a proud Mama. Good for you!! Regards, Bill.